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I often point out birds having baths or showers when it rains to the girls because I think it is cute and they get a kick out of watching them flap around. Today we were in the car on the way home from running some errands and it was pouring down with rain. I saw a Galah on the power lines stretching his wings out nice and wide catching the rain, having a shower and what appeared to be a great time. Then he got so excited that he spun around on the power line* and, since there was no one behind us, I slowed down and said, “Look girls! Look! The bird is having a shower! And look at him spinning…”. That was when I noticed that his wings were still open, he was still upside down and he was swinging – just not in a natural kind of movement.

The bird was being electrocuted.

I slowed down and made my girls watch a bird be electrocuted! (Not that they realized.) I sped up, and headed for home and didn’t mention it again.

*I have actually seen birds do this for fun.


5 Responses

  1. and yet another life lesson learned….ouch!

  2. Oh.My.God.

    I am trying so hard to laugh quietly because I don’t want my children to know that I am laughing about a bird being electrocuted.

    But my goodness, that’s funny. In a really terrible way.

  3. RIP birdie.

    What does KFG mean?

  4. Kentucky Fried Galah. Not very nice, I know.

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