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About the blog:

The name “it’s all a blur” came from my childhood when my friend, Amy, and I were being silly and started saying Sacrebleu! and that gradually morphing into “It’s all a blur!” (said fast with a french accent). We also have other childhood phrases that we throw into conversation once in a while such as, “Use tact, fathead” (from a joke book and we did not get it at all at the time) and “Lost: Turtle. Green and brown. Last seen in toilet bowl. If found or proved deceased please contact Raymond Burr.” (which we heard on the radio or something and thought it was hilarious). I also liked the fact that “it’s all a blur” really has two meanings because as anyone who has kids knows they grow up so fast and since I often write about my kids on here the phrase seemed appropriate.

I started this blog in August, 2006, but my first step in was in March, 2005 with Babbling Bente. On BB I used my kids actual names and the name of the town I lived in and even though I had no real reason to worry about stalkers or kidnappers I decided to become a bit more anonymous and started this blog. I still use my name, Bente (pronounced Ben-Tah) and my husband, Andy’s name, but I just use my girls’ first initials: E, my oldest daughter and K, my youngest.

About me:

I think rather than write a bunch of stuff over again I’ll just direct you to a few posts:

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And, of course, my 74 things page.

Family shot

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