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She is one whole hand now*

E decided she wanted Rosetta from the new Tinkerbell movie to be on her birthday cake this year. I told her that was a great idea because I figured I could get one of those edible picture things you put on the top of the cake and that I would add some flowers (she is the Garden Fairy) and sprinkles and we’d be set. The problem there is that the movie has only been out for a month or so and Disney hasn’t had a chance to cover every possible surface with the Fairy’s faces yet and so there was nothing even remotely close to Rosetta to decorate the cake. We were now onto Plan B which had me drawing Rosetta free hand with gel icing. My hopes were shot down really quickly when, using this for reference:


I did a practice try and came up with this:

sad looking fairy

Um, yeah. It kind of looks like a praying mantis in a skirt or something. What can I say? An artist I am not.

I did a bit better on Saturday night when attempting the real thing. I made a mistake on the first try, but it was a layered cake so I just made the mistake the middle and started again on the new top. After a very long, slow process I came up with this:

Rosetta cake

This will probably be the ugliest cake I’ll ever make, but E loved it so I’ll mark it down as a success. Or it was until I woke up the next morning to find her hair had all slid down the side of the cake, but whatever. Here are a couple other shots:

side of cake

cake close up

As for the party? It was great. This was E’s first big(ish) party and she had so much fun with all her friends. After everyone arrived we had a total of 10 kids, 14 adults, 4 teenagers and one little baby. My not so big house had a hard time fitting everyone in, but did manage.

party guests

We played some games: first a balloon race:

Balloon race


Balloon race

(As you can see most of the kids were a bit too shy too play. K gave it a whirl, but just ended up running around the yard with her balloon while happily screaming when the race started.)

Next we played Pass the Parcel. This was the first time I’ve ever wrapped one of those suckers up and is it ever a pain in the ass. I couldn’t not do it, though – the kids EXPECT to see a parcel and it had better be passed.

Pass the Parcel

Then there was some playing, chatting and a lot of eating and last, but not least, it was time for the cake. I loved having so many people there to sing for E and I think she did too. She blew her candles out…

Blowing out the candles.

…the cake was devoured (plus the cupcakes that made up Rosetta’s garden), we passed out the Christmas themed loot bags (for my Christmas baby) and we were done.

After preparing the day before, the actual party time, and cleaning after I was freaking exhausted, but so pleased E had a great day. This was her first milestone birthday so it was worth all the effort.


*OK, so not for two days, but she started calling herself five from the day of the party so I will too.


Last day

Last day of preschool.

E had her last day of preschool today. I’ve said it before, but I’m going to say it again: Time flies! She is going to be five in nine days!

I didn’t think I would be sad saying goodbye to E’s teachers, Ange and Libby, but as I was beginning to talk I felt like I was going to tear up. I ended up leaving with what probably came off as a completely asshole-ish farewell, just a quick thank you and goodbye (we gave them presents this morning and the cards said enough for us…I hope), but I didn’t want the awkward crying or anything. We’ll go back during the school year next year before we move so hopefully we can say a proper good bye then.

Also E brought home a pet rock from school which she has named, “Rocco”, which she came up with all by herself and I happen to (absolutely unbiasedly) think is quite clever.

Do they have rehab for five year olds?

Tonight I was talking to E about the need for her to stop sucking her thumb. Not too long ago we managed to get her to attempt only sucking her thumb when she went to bed at night and it worked, but only for a short time and lately it’s been getting out of control (relatively speaking). E has a “lovie” (and I am using that term very loosely here as it is mostly a bunch of wool) called Aggie. She once told us that if she smells Aggie she can’t help but suck her thumb and tonight I mentioned that if she is not able to cut back we might have to take him away. The following was her response/ explanation (slightly paraphrased because it was a few hours ago and I can’t remember crazy preschooler logic):

If you take Aggie away I will still suck my thumb because it is in my bones. I don’t know why I can’t stop, but I can’t. I can’t help myself. If I see something white I have to suck my thumb. Aggie is white so other white stuff makes me suck my thumb. See that wall? It’s white so it makes me suck my thumb. I look out the window and see stuff and I suck my thumb. My bones are white so they make me suck my thumb. It’s slightful* for me, it makes me happy. I don’t know why, but I can’t help myself.

She sounded like a junkie trying to explain their addiction. And we’re no closer to solving the issue.

*Delightful, but she would not accept that was the word she was trying for.

Santa Clones

We hear crying from E’s room so I go down to see what happened. She had bumped her eye on the edge of her window.

“I saw Santa.”

When she sees a twinkling star E thinks it is Santa.

“Then I saw another of him and another and another. There is one there and there and there…”

She’s pointing them out to me in the sky.

“I think he must have made a Santa making machine and made all kinds of himself.”

She stops, looks back at the sky and says very seriously, in an almost suspicious tone:

“I don’t know why he did that.”

Photos for a family with a dog in it*

At approximately 11:30 am today you could have found me sitting on a bench at a local mall, sweaty, shaking and crying (just a tiny bit).

You see today I had to take the girls to get their Australian passport photos done (and my Australian citizenship & Canadian passport photos) and if you read my post on Thursday you might understand why it wasn’t something I was looking forward to. I even found my self near tears in the car just anticipating the upcoming event – which I quickly realized was totally stupid, gave myself a slap (not literally) and kept on going. Anyway, what I’m saying is I was dreading what I knew we were in for (but still foolishly hoped we weren’t).

The story…

We set out for the post office around quarter to eleven this morning. On the drive I didn’t tell K what we were doing, but when we went inside she heard me tell the guy why we were there. We did not get the photos done at the first stop, mind you, because that post office was not set up for passport photos and he directed me to the central post office (which was where another post office suggested I go a couple weeks earlier because they could not do children’s passports and assured me this one could, but I got them mixed up). While driving to the new location K started saying, “No photo.” – over and over. That’s when I started bribing my two and a half year old. I started by promising an ice cream at McDonalds and she was all for the treat, but insisted on no photo. I added a new toy to the bribe, but she was still not budging. By this time we arrived at the central post office, paid for an hour’s worth of parking and got in a long line inside. Our turn came up and I told the lady why we were there, she looked at K and told me they were not set up for children that young**, I gave her a look that would likely make a giant bear drop dead on the spot and she directed us to a camera shop nearby. I did not go to this camera shop because they were rude to me not that long ago and I don’t want to give them the business so I went to a different one near where I live. On the way E and I managed to get K to agree to having her photo taken. She was excited about the prospect of all the treats to come and I gave her a big hug and a little cheer telling her how happy I was she was willing to cooperate. E was first and had her photo taken without a hitch, then it was K’s turn and she apparently changed her mind because she had a complete meltdown. Again. I tried holding her up, bribing again, threatening to throw Puppy in the bin, but it was impossible. If I was able to get her standing she would cover her eyes, if I tried to hold her arms she went limp, if I tried holding her arms and forcing her to stand she would shut her eyes tight and scream like a banshee. There is no way to force a two and a half year old to take a photo. Trust me – I KNOW. It was at this point that I left the shop for a minute for us to all calm down. This was also the point where we ended up on that bench looking like the most pathetic bunch of people you have ever seen. We need K to have these photos, there is no way around that. It is especially frustrating that a child who is a ham for the camera and will ask to have her picture taken if she spots the camera is so dead set stubborn about getting these done. The guy at the camera shop may have come up with a solution and we’ll find out if it works this afternoon – and God help K that it works or she might be in the same boat as Abby come April***.

The not so important cherry on top of all this is that I made the genius decision to go last and that means that my photo was taken after I was sweaty, shaking and crying. I look real purty.

*I let E name the post because I am about ready to quit this day (it’s 4:00pm). And we do not have a dog.

**The post office is where you have to go for the passport interview, so you’d think at least one around here would be able to take a small child’s photo. Not that it would have mattered for us anyway.

***Kidding. Sort of.

Updated at 5:16pm: It worked! It worked! I just wish her citizenship photo looked this normal:


All about E

Back in the first week of Nablopomo I said I was going dedicate a post to each of my girls. I’ve already done K’s and since it is exactly one month to E’s fifth birthday (yes she was born on Christmas and yes it is only one month to Christmas…) I decided today would be the day for her post.

E at the playground

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Evolution of a song

evolution of a song