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The numbers of 30 days

Writing for Nablopomo has set a new record for me for the number of consecutive posts. Some of the posts were just fluff, some were only a photo, a lot were stuff nobody but me even cares about, but it is still 30 posts in 30 days. At first I figured I would crap out after a week or so, but it didn’t take me long to realize that it really wasn’t too hard a thing to accomplish (especially if you don’t mind the fluff once in a while). I don’t plan to keep posting every day, but I think this have given me the push I needed to at least start regular blogging again.

For this, my last post for Nablopomo, I decided to break down the posts I’ve written into some categories. I started the draft for this somewhere in the middle of the month and got the idea because I thought I was going to end up with a ton of photo cop outs. In the end I didn’t do nearly as many cop outs in general as I figured I would. With that I give you the number of posts…

With photos: 17

About/involving my kids: 11 (I expected it to be more.)

Involving a rant (mini or full strength): 2 (I expected this to be much more.)

About me: 7

Where I whine/complain (excluding rants): 3

Where I get on my soapbox: 3

That include a Paint drawing: 2 (oddly)

That are a photo cop out: 4

That are memes: 1 (Woo!)

Where I actually had something I wanted to write about: 17

In the “I’m moving to Nova Scotia!” category: 6

With no comments: 8 (*tear)

With a bulleted or numbered list: 3

Where food is either pictured or mentioned: 12

Where I swear: 5 (Not too bad when you consider that all the drafts in my head contain swearing.)

That I wrote while drunk: 0 (This place would be way more entertaining if this number existed. I’ll work on that.)



A modest start

Even though it has been almost three months since my last post I’ve decided to participate in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month). What this means (for all you non bloggers out there) is that I have committed myself to posting every day in November. I think it is appropriate to mention that I have never, in over three and a half years of blogging, posted every day for a month. I’m pretty sure my record would be somewhere around 11 or 12 days. So, will I be able to maintain this? I have no idea, but I’ve had plenty to write about for quite a while now and just never get around to it so maybe this will give me the motivation I need. Wish me luck!

Here’s hoping this is just a cute quirk

As you can probably see I have changed my theme here at it’s all a blur. I decided I wanted two columns in my sidebar and went from there. I’m really happy with the new look with only one exception: the width of the columns are all fixed. What this means in this case is that the center column is not wide enough for the usual size of photos I use and they will either be cut off a little or I will have to use a smaller size photo. I looked through eight bazillion themes and the only one I like was this so I just decided to live with that small inconvenience.

I did notice one funny little thing when checking out my new surrounds, though. See if you can spot it:


Not sure? Maybe this will help:


A little closer?


And just to be sure you see it:


I saw the same little smiley on my old theme, but it was beside the name of the person who designed that theme and I assumed it was part of their signature. Now I’m wondering if this is a wordpress thing, so if you have a wordpress blog do you see this little smiley anywhere on the page? I’m kind of hoping you do because as nice as it would be to be “special” I think we would have to start looking in the direction of a virus and we Andy literally just formatted and reinstalled everything because of the last virus we I managed to get. Fingers crossed!

Updated to add: Ok, I just realized that I could just go and look at other wordpress pages myself. Yes I’m a quick one. And I see the smiley on UCM, Sharkey and Cat’s. Now I guess the question is can you all see it, too?

Updated, again, to add: I did a little research and have found that the smiley is placed there by wordpress for their stat counter. I kind of wish I just left it alone now because the answer has turned out to be a bit boring. Ah well, he’s still cute…I guess.

Looking for some advice

I am wondering what sort of RSS readers you all are using. I was using Sage and I was quite happy with it, but then a few days ago it just up and left my computer without so much as a note explaining why. I’ve tried to reinstall it on my computer several times, but I just keep getting an error response. Now I’m a little lost because it’s the only reader I have ever used, so maybe you could tell me what you’re using and what you think. Thank you in advance!

(And now I’m really hoping some of you respond or my “in advance” is going to make me look like a complete ass.)

1096 days

Today is my blogoversary! (The counter in the side bar is off by about half a day because I assume it is on American time, but today is the day!) I’ve only been here since August, 2006 but before “it’s all a blur” I started my blogging adventure with “Babbling Bente” on March 2, 2005. Here is my very first (very lame) post:

My First Blog

This is my first blog. I ended up here because I went to the [my high school] Alumni page and saw Tanya’s website listed and went and had a look and then I ended up on Jenn’s site and decided to make one of my own. So here I am. I had a few troubles figuring things out, like how to get the little picture in the about me part…as you can see I still haven’t got that, but hopefully I’ll get it eventually. Other then that I like it all so far.

It’s a hot day here in [this town where I live], already 36 and climbing. Tomorrow should be better, only 25. I’ve been here in Australia for nearly three and a half years now. I miss Nova Scotia, but it’s good here. I have to say that if I could pick to live here or there it wouldn’t be an easy decision. We’ve put alot of work and money in here for me to become an Australian resident and eventually (in two years) a citizen, plus I get enough money from the government here that I can stay home with E, and I really enjoy not having snow. Then there’s my friends and family in Nova Scotia who I wish I could share E with every day, and the summers don’t get temperatures anywhere near 40 degrees! Who knows once I get citizenship here we may try Nova Scotia for a bit, but we’ll have to save like crazy to afford a move like that.

My daughter E is now 14 months old. I can’t believe how fast she is growing. She is becoming so independent too. She has started feeding herself with a spoon or fork, and insists that she does it by herself. She walks around everywhere and in last couple weeks has begun climbing everything. She’s the best toy I’ve ever had, so entertaining!

Well that’s all for my very first blog, it probably won’t be long till the next one.

And it wasn’t too long because I posted this picture 20 minutes later:


That’s E at about 14 months old. The picture is way light because our monitor was dark, but I didn’t know that and so I readjusted a ton of photos and pretty much ruined them, but I think the cute still manages to break through.

When I started blogging I had no clue what it was all about. The only ones I read were the two I mentioned in that post plus a few from their links. I actually thought Dooce (who I discovered through Jenn’s links) was Jenn’s cousin or something and it took me more time than I’d like to admit to figure out that wasn’t the case. Once I stumbled through a few more links I found mrtl who had a huge blog list and I was introduced to a ton of other people all over the world. After that it certainly didn’t take me an embarrassing amount of time to realize just how amazing the blog community can be.

So, that’s three years down and here’s to (at least) another three more – as sporadic as they might be!

Tough blogging

I’ve decided to give myself a deadline each week for a blog entry: by midnight each Wednesday I must have completed at least one entry for that week. It may sound silly because blogging is supposed to be a fun thing you do when you feel like it, but I was just reading some posts at my old blog from when K was born (a certain beautiful, new baby girl brought the nostalgia on) and was reminded of things I had forgotten about like the doctors saying “I make babies too big!” as they were tugging at her trying to get her out. If it wasn’t for the blog I might have completely forgotten that moment and that made me a little sad. So! That’s it I am forcing myself to get back into this regularly and hopefully, after a couple months or so, I’ll be posting several times a week without even thinking about it.

And no, this post does not count as this week’s entry so I had better get crackin’!

Two years in: there’s no stopping now

Today is my two year blogging anniversary. This blog is actually only a little over seven months old, but I wrote my first blog post two years ago today.

Blogging has really meant a lot to me over the last couple years. It has been a social outlet for me at a time in my life where it has been very necessary and hard to come by. I’ve lived in Australia now for five and a half years, the last three and a half in Victoria. We moved over 3500 km from Port Douglas, Queensland to Victoria when I was six months pregnant with E (All driving, with a cat!) which meant I wouldn’t be working when we moved here. A lot of you may not realize this if you haven’t been in this kind of situation, but as an adult it is not easy to make friends if you’re not working or going to school. When you’re at home all day pregnant and, for the most part, unable to drive anywhere because A) A big belly plus short legs makes it hard to fit behind the wheel and B) You’re new here and wouldn’t know where to go in the first place, friends end up being a hard thing to find. Now that E is older I have met a handful of friends through my mother’s group and some in other ways, but having two small children still severely limits the social life so blogs and my other Internet obsessions: Flickr and Facebook (my newest edition) are still very important to me.

I didn’t discover the blogging world until E was 14 months old and I sometimes wonder what my blogging life would have been like if I found them while pregnant. I’m sure it would have been a great way to pass the (extreme amount) of free time I had back then, but I would have had the most boring blog in the history of blogs since all I would have had to talk about was being pregnant and I probably wouldn’t have met all the people I have so far. So, like everything else in my life that’s good and bad, I wouldn’t change a thing.

As much as I’d like my blog to be a completely open place for me to write, it’s not. Even before I told people I “know” about it I still didn’t write freely. Sometimes, most of the time, I wish I could be more open. There have been times I really could have used such a release in the last few months, but it still connects me to the world in a personal way that is necessary. And to be honest I’m not that open and free about my really deep and dark feelings with anyone. Sometimes my mother or husband catch a glimpse of that part of me and lately they have been spilling out when it all becomes too much to handle, but for some reason I hold a lot of that in. I can’t help it, but I think it’s something I should work on and maybe this would be a good place to start. Actually, in saying those last few sentences I think I just did.

I don’t write as much as I used to and this has, unfortunately, ended up in losing a ton of readers which is obvious from the lack of comments these days, but I’m still going to keep it up even if it’s only a few posts a month because it is part of me, good or bad, and there ain’t no denying it.

Yep, I am a blogger. I am a lot of other things as well; a mother, a wife, a sister and daughter, a friend, a photography lover, but I’m really proud to be able to say part of who I am is a blogger. It is a huge and diverse community that is never ending and produces a breed of people like no other. I love it.

Me, E and my internet obsessions