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All about E

Back in the first week of Nablopomo I said I was going dedicate a post to each of my girls. I’ve already done K’s and since it is exactly one month to E’s fifth birthday (yes she was born on Christmas and yes it is only one month to Christmas…) I decided today would be the day for her post.

E at the playground

E started preschool this year and she did great for the first two terms. Even on the first day she went inside and started playing without a care in the world. Then third term came and something in her changed. I am not too certain what caused it, but it became very hard to get E up and get her ready in the morning. The entire time we were met with claims that she hated school and didn’t want to go, then once there she did not want me to leave and would get pretty upset and even cry some days. I think the reason is that she begins thinking about who she is going to play with before we even reach the school and actually stresses herself out thinking that person won’t want to play with her and that she’ll be lonely all day. One of the sets of twins in her group (there are three!) are two identical boys and they are pretty rowdy and very much boy’s boys and E does not like them. She claims that they’re a big reason she doesn’t want to go to school, and they may be, but I have watched them and they really don’t bug her, so who knows. Things have been getting slightly better this term, but she still has some bad starts. Once I leave the school she is fine after a little bit of time so we still make her go each day (well, the two days a week that she has it on), and she generally has a good time so it’s not a big worry, but it would be nice to be leaving her on a happy note each morning.


Up until recently E had a boyfriend at school, A. They were pretty inseperable and we heard about him quite a bit. We’ve now been told that they are still friends, but not bf/gf or even best friends. A told E a little while ago that he needed “boy time” sometimes and things seemed to go downhill from there. To be honest I kind of think A’s parents had something to do with it, but I’m actually glad if they did since it used to be E’s plan for A to move to Canada with us and I wasn’t sure how to break that news to his family.

E and her boyfriend, A

Around the house E can be a great little helper…when she wants to. She loves to offer to help clean the dishes or the dinner table which are all things I’d really rather just do myself, but ask her to go clean up her room or pick up the toys in the lounge? Well, she’ll suddenly be “too tired” and you’ve got an instant battle of wills on your hands.  As glad as I am that E is willing to stand up for what she wants and that she sticks to her guns, well, sometimes it would be nice for her to just do as we ask when we ask. (Alright, alright – she does cooperate some of the time.)

They call her The Bubble Whisperer

E loves to teach K new words and gets a real kick out of it when K gets it right. Most of the time she picks very sensible things to teach – light, different animals, colours, and so on. A short time ago, however, both girls were cracking up in the back seat of the car playing with two monkey toys that were telling each other to, “Stop looking at my butt!”. I mean, it was funny, but it makes me worry what 13 year old E will teach 10 year old K one day.

Funny Faces 2

Some other bits and bites about E include:

  • We have had a count down to her birthday going for the last three and a half months. This was prompted by the daily questioning about how close her birthday was.
  • She loves peaches.
  • She is tall. I haven’t measured just how tall recently, but when she was still having regular health nurse visits she always measured somewhere in the ninetieth percentile.
  • She tells us things like she loves us “infinity”.
  • She is really good on the computer and has about six websites bookmarked.
  • When she plays with imaginary friends they’re often the “bad” characters from the movies she watches. (These are Disney bad, but it still makes me wonder.)

Zee Arteest

Last, but not least: A couple weeks ago the preschool had an art show called, “Mini Masters”. It was a great little event where all the kids painted a picture and it was put on display. Each kinder group also did an art piece that was auctioned off. E’s group’s piece went for over $300! Both girls had a great time that day (I ended up being stuck handing out soft drinks and getting a sunburn…but this is not about me.) E painted a portrait of our cat Abby. I think you’ll agree it is a simply beautiful piece of art work:

Zee Arteest and her masterpiece


2 Responses

  1. What a great post! It’s nice to know E a little better. She IS tall, and she’s grown up so much!

  2. Isn’t it fun to watch them grow and interact with others? E is absolutely lovely!

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