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over and done

Tonight we had our Annual General Meeting at the preschool where next year’s committee was elected. What does that mean? I’m done! Dooone donedonedone DOOONNEEE! Actually I’m still the treasurer until our handover meeting on December 9th, but the end is near, my friends. So near I can taste it – and it tastes good. Now being the treasurer wasn’t terrible, but until the last few months I never felt confident and comfortable with what I was doing. From the beginning I had things like budgets, petty cash, paper work and Profit and Loss vs. Actual statements thrown at me without any explanation of how to read them, fill them in or just what to do with them. They are all things that I’m sure are easy peasy for those who have had experience or were maybe taught how to do them, but when you have none of that tucked away somewhere in your brain things can get somewhat…frustrating. I basically felt like I was completely stupid for a the first bit of my job as treasurer. I’m hoping to be able to give next year’s treasurer a little more confidence going in than I had. I’ll try and pass on the things I’ve learned even though I still can’t explain a profit and loss statement very well, but I do understand them and know what is good and what is bad. I’m sure she’ll feel overwhelmed to begin with anyway (unless she’s got some sort of financial background), I think it just goes with the territory of jumping head first into responsibility.

In saying all that I am glad I volunteered my time. I got to see the kinder operate from the inside rather than just pick up, drop off and occasionally be the helper for the day. It was nice to get to know E’s teachers a little better than I might have had I not offered to take the position. And I won’t lie – I felt a little important analyzing the budget, doing paperwork and having my big thick binder and treasurer inbox at the school. Getting my brain working on a level that didn’t involve other people’s poop, bath times and meals wasn’t so bad either.

All things good and bad considered, though? Well, my plan is to never be an executive on a committee. ever. again.


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