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Our crappy day in Melbourne

As I said yesterday we were in Melbourne doing various immigration things. The main thing that brought us to the city was Andy’s medical for his visa application. When we walked in the door the cranky old bitch receptionist who works there greeted us with a “Can I help you?” and not a in a pleasant way, but the snarky way with a bitchy emphasis on the ‘help you’ part. Andy said who he was and she told him his appointment was for yesterday, November 19. She wondered where we were and was going to call and find out, but she was just too busy. Now, usually I would have at least given her half a benefit of the doubt that the mistake was mine, but there was a couple of things that made me 100% sure that she was at fault, not me. The first being that I asked Andy what day would be best to make the appointment since he had to take it off work (it’s a two or more hour drive each way) and he conferred with the people he worked with and they all decided Thursday would be the best. Thursday! Not Wednesday! And the second and biggest reason I am one hundred trillion million percent sure that I was not wrong was that yesterday, Thursday the 20th day of November was my father’s birthday and the FIRST thing that popped into my mind when me and the cranky old bitch receptionist made the date was, “Hey, that’s Pappa’s birthday!”. Annnd, I rest my case.

The doctor still managed to somehow squeeze Andy for the ten minute medical. Of course I had to hear several times how we would totally be backing their day up. I mean, of course, right? We all know doctors run strictly on time everywhere, never making patients wait for, sometimes, hours. No way! And if you try and tell me any different I’ll call you a bold faced liar, I will. Honestly the generosity and good spirit at that office could have driven me to tears. TEARS!

After all that holapalooza we had to deal with the photo incident I wrote about yesterday. The photos that ended up costing $130 for the two girls. I was originally quoted $70 (which was already $40 more than we first thought), but when we got there we were told it was $55 per child, not $35 and it would be another $20 because we wanted them the same day – which was not a last minute thing we sprung on them, but something we discussed on the phone the day before when it was still only $70 total. The fee for their citizenship papers is $75 each and we had to pay nearly that for two measly photos of each of them. Those crazy big city folk!

Next was lunch. We decided to get something quick and cheap which saw us stroll past all kinds of delicious little cafes, a tasty looking pizza parlour and plenty more tempting looking spots. We ended up getting the kids a hot dog, me a spinach and feta triangle, Andy four chicken wings and a plate of chips to share and it was all, for the most part, utter crap. The bill? $35.50! For crap! Crap that we were ok with when we thought we’d be paying, at the most, $20. But $35.50? We all agreed pizza would have been a better choice.

Then we walked around the city, took some photos, saw the Myer Christmas window and had fun for a little while. Once I get a chance to edit some photos I’ll put a few up. So there was some good and enjoyable parts to the day. Then we had to pay $26 for parking and got lost on the way home and added and hour and a half to the two hour drive home.


3 Responses

  1. Seriously? It’s MELBOURNE! It’s AUSTRALIA! I’d love to see Australia and be overcharged for crappy spinachy shapes. I’m just saying.

  2. Meh, honestly in all the times I’ve been to Melbourne I’ve only enjoyed it once (the overnight stay not that long ago), but I’m not a big fan of huge cities. Plus, the entire day cost us more than $500 so every extra dollar really hurt.

  3. Forgot to add in the post that I saw Corrine Grant in Melbourne. (An Australian comedian) I never see famous people so I was pretty excited! We just passed her walking on the street.

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