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As a kid it would evoke snickers and giggles, but now the moment of silence for today swells up so many emotions inside me; pride, sadness, amazement, love and admiration are among the mix.

Today I happened to be driving in the car, sort of listening to the radio when the moment came. I had the volume low and had it not been for the trumpets catching my ear before the silence I might have missed it. Instead my heart swelled, I took a deep breath and I thought about my grandfathers who both fought in World War II. I can’t really imagine just how awful it would be to fight in a war, see friends dying and worry about being killed yourself, but when I thought about the things they must have experienced it brought tears to my eyes. Details of my mother’s father’s (Farfar) war experience are all over the internet in various forms so it’s as easy as Google to hear his war stories (plus we’re lucky enough to still have him around so we can also do it the old fashioned way and just, you know, ask) and be scared straight listening to the situations he has been in – three years in Changi for a start. It really is a wonder anyone was able to come home after war when you hear Farfar’s stories and definitely makes you appreciate the sacrifice so many made. Unfortunately my father’s father has passed away so I won’t ever be able to hear first hand what he’s been through (if he would have even wanted to share), but it still makes me proud to know he fought for his country and grateful he was able to live a long life beyond that time.

That was a lot to think about in one minute, but what a meaningful minute it was. I am so happy we have a day set aside to remember and honour those who fought/fight to protect our country(s) and our futures. And I am so proud to have/had two fantastic grandfathers who were willing to put their lives on the line to keep the rest of us safe.

It is amazing just how powerful one moment of silence can be.


Farfar and E
Farfar (I tried to find a shot of him looking at the camera, but every single one had him looking at E.)


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