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It’s late

It is 11:00pm 11:11pm – I got distracted, Californication is damn entertaining. Anyway, this will be a mini post because I’ve only been home from work for an hour and it’s been a busy day.

So, one of the managers at my work -the one I work with the most- totally hates me. He does not want a bar of me. Why? NO IDEA! From day one the guy simply did not like me. He will see me coming, look at me and then turn back to whatever he was doing in the first place completely ignoring me. It is ridiculous. I have been nothing but nice, friendly, smiley, all the good stuff to everyone there including him and as far as I can tell the rest of them can at least stand to be around me.

And it’s not just his personality, either. No, no, no. I have seen him being chatty and nice to plenty of the other people who work there. It’s just me. He won’t say hello. No general nod in my direction. No acknowledgement of my existence. He. Hates. Me. It’s not like I expect everyone on the planet to like me, but dude just instantly disliked me – I had no chance. Instantly! I swear! Did I mention this guy is a store manager? Yeah. Totally ridiculous, but true story.

(Also, it is now 11:46pm. That took me way too long.)


2 Responses

  1. A number of my new co-workers are the same way. Makes you feel fabulous!

  2. Oh yeah, makes me want to go to work 7 days a week!

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