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The Big Smoke

A couple weeks ago we went on an overnight trip to Melbourne. We spent hours walking around the city, visiting the Vic Markets and taking rides on trams and the underground. After a little while we thought we should stop in a park somewhere for a rest and nibble on some of the goods we bought at the market. We stumbled upon a random little park (that I don’t remember the name of), but it did not have a playground for the kids to entertain themselves on so they had to find other means of amusement.

girls at park in melbourne

They chased a few pigeons and fed them some bread and generally ran around for a few minutes, but that didn’t keep their interests too long. They soon began exploring the area around us picking up rocks, sticks and various things showing us what they found. I was snapping a few pictures and got this one of E holding up a find, and by the looks of it asking what she had found.


This photo is cropped and zoomed a fair bit so E was actually quite far from me and I could not tell just what she was holding, that is until I had a look through the photos. Now I can see as I’m sure you can that it is, in fact, a cigarette butt. If only I knew it at the time because then I would have been aware it was in the area and could have possibly stopped the next part of this little tale.

A few minutes later I was watching E play when my attention was snapped over to K because Andy was yelling, “K! No! Put that down!”. I’m sure you can guess it was the cigarette butt. Only maybe you would not guess that my two and a half year old proudly had that cigarette hanging out of her mouth as though she was smoking. She then had two of us telling her to “Get that out of your mouth! NOW!” and she chucked it down and stormed off.


And that is the story of how we are in possession of “The Photo From When Kali Got Caught Smoking”. I do not have one of her with it in her mouth because I was a bit more concerned with getting the disgusting cigarette that could have come from anyone ::shivers:: away from her.

Once all was said and done we were trying to figure out how on earth she even knew what to do with the smoke- probably thinking the other had secretly taken the nasty habit up (which one of us *cough*not me*cough* had done before several years ago)- it finally came to us: The Simpsons. The night before the episode where Selma and Troy McClure get married was on and they focus heavily on smoking in that one. At least that’s all we can figure…or maybe Andy has something he needs to share with the class?*



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