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Did I ever tell you I attempted to do the 365 days project on Flickr? Ha. Kidding! I know I didn’t and there was a reason: I didn’t think I’d get too far. And, hey! I was right. I made it five days. Five days out of a possible 365.  1/73 of the way. Pathetic, I realize, but honestly I just couldn’t bare to take, post and describe all those self portraits; it was just going to be too much me. I think I’ll do better on this commitment because it’s only 30 days and it doesn’t have to be about me. Oh, and there’s the fact that I’ve already surpassed myself by getting to the sixth day right now.

too much me


One Response

  1. and can i just say how nice it is to read a post from you more than once a month!?? 😉 Missed ya!

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