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The baby

When thinking of different topics to fill this month with posts I thought I would dedicate a post to each of my girls. Since today K is exactly two and a half years old it seems like a good time to tell you all some things you may or may not already know about her.


For some reason K insists on calling E “Play”. I don’t know why she calls her this because she is quite capable of saying E’s actual name. There is a character on one of the shows the girls watch who shares E’s name and K will say it as clear as day while they watch. I’ve also heard K say E’s name a couple of times when she was angry/frustrated with her. Just the other day when E was teasing her she said in a very stern tone, “Stop it, E—!” She must use it in the way parents use a child’s full name, including middle, when they’re in trouble.

I liked all the lights reflecting in her eyes...

K does not like to be in trouble. If she does something and gets yelled at for it she gets really upset (opposed to her sister who doesn’t give a rat’s ass), but it does seem to get the point across to her. One example where she doesn’t actually get in trouble, but it’s recent (and therefore something I can, you know, remember) is that she has an ear infection at the moment and just yesterday I was trying to give her panadol very unsuccessfully. The fact it was difficult was not surprising as it usually takes two of us to literally force it on her, but it was still so frustrating. I ended up so flustered by the whole thing that I yelled, “WOULD YOU JUST TAKE THE STUPID MEDICINE ALREADY?!” Not my proudest moment and her sad little face as soon as I said it made me feel terrible, but she stopped fighting and actually took it and swallowed. That didn’t stop me from apologizing for the next five minutes, of course. Later in the evening when she needed another dose before bedtime I just slightly raised the irritation in my voice and what do you know? She sat on my lap and had the whole eight mils. Another example would be the time I told her (without yelling) to eat her lunch…

Is this not the saddest face you ever did see?

On the same sort of subject matter once a moment where she has been in trouble, naughty, sad or something involving tears passes she does not want to talk about it. If you’re relaying the story to someone and you ask for her input pretty much all she will say is, “No. Bedda.” (As in better, in case you don’t know toddler speak.) and that’s the end of it as far as she is concerned.

Putting all her...lemons in one basket.

She has a softy/lovey/whatever you might call it like a lot of kids do. I knew I wanted her to have a toy for her “thing” since E’s was a blanket that is now just a bunch of wool (that she loves like a person) which she latched onto before we even knew what happened. I put several soft toys in her crib when she was old enough and hoped she’d choose one before a blanket got a chance to catch her eye. We were lucky and she decided on a dog who quickly became known as “Puppy”.

K & Puppy

The great thing about her choosing Puppy is that both the kids’ lovey ended up coming from my parents, so that’s pretty special. K loves Puppy and brings him everywhere with her and she sleeps with him every night. She does this weird suckle type thing on the back of his neck where she keeps her tongue and lips all level with each other and kind of jabs her tongue on a specific spot. It’s weird, but I think it’s what has kept her from sucking her thumb or a dummy/soother so we just go with it.


If K is trying to tell you something and she thinks you’re not listening or you don’t respond as quickly as she would like then she will repeat the same thing over and over and over and over and over until you answer. It’s…cute.

watching you

K is also a loving little person who really looks up to her big sister and pretty much won’t do what we tell her unless E does it first. She’s as cheeky as a kid could possibly be. She’s s good sleeper (when she isn’t sick) and a good eater. She’s pooping regularly again (believe me we had a long and horrible time where this was not the case, also – sorry non parents). She is growing so quickly and becoming less and less of a baby every day…even though we still insist on calling her one.

She was making too much mess with her drink in a cup...


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