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Weighing in on the pro side of things

I thought I should write a list of the things that I am really excited about in regards to heading back to Nova Scotia. This is just some of the things, a sample list if you will, because the full list would take forever to write (and would likely not be too interesting for ll of you):

  • My friends and family (obviously, but I couldn’t not include it).
  • Living near the ocean.
  • Public Gardens in Halifax
  • A beautiful autumn.
  • A cold Christmas.
  • Living as an adult in the place I’ve only known as a “kid”. (I was still living at home and 22 when I left.)
  • Decent sized shopping malls everywhere.
  • Having a lawn/green grass.
  • Shows like The Office being broadcast at decent times and not at 11:00pm on a Sunday (if at all).

The next few eleven are kind of embarrassing and probably a little too telling, but never the less…

  • Dairy Queen (Ice cream cakes! Blizzards! Marshmallow Sundaes!)
  • A million different flavours of ice cream at the shops.
  • Dill Pickle and All Dressed chips.
  • Bits n Bites
  • Reese’s Pieces, Reese’s Peanut butter cups, etc…
  • Pappa’s fudge
  • Mamma’s haystack cookies
  • Tim Horton’s
  • Mmm, Tim's...

  • Cinnamon hearts (which admittedly I’ve been sent more than my fair share of over the years).
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal.
  • MacIntosh apples. (Pretend this was at the top. Ahem.)

4 Responses

  1. We loved our trip to Nova Scotia. It was absolutely beautiful up there.

    Seriously, you don’t have Reece’s Cups in Australia? That’s just cruel.

  2. i must find out what “All Dressed chips” and “Bits n Bites” are! do not tell me! i will google.

    and i’m with mrtl…no reece’s cups?! srsly, the horror. you must send me your address, if you so desire (i’m way over here, i’m nice, and definitely in no danger of stalkering, lest i win the lottery and become crazy-like!)! 😉

  3. mrtl, most people here think the idea of peanut butter and chocolate together is disgusting. Try and wrap your head around that one.

    Rz, aw thanks! But, and it’s not that I think you’re going to be a stalker, it’s not really necessary. I appreciate it and if we were not moving soon I might take you up on it!

  4. yes but they also eat Vegemite which is a cruel, disgusting alternative.

    Tim horton’s? What is that?

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