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Pros and cons

So, yes I will have to work in Canada. I’ve been lucky to have the option of staying at home with the kids while living here in Australia thanks to the Family Tax Benefit which gives me nearly as much money as I’d be be able to make (when you take child care into the equation, and I should also not that I’m not qualified to do anything that pays great…), but there’s nothing like that in Canada so off to work I will have to go. I’ll be honest that it is definitely something that would end up on the con side of the list if I were to make one, but trust me that side would be very small – almost non existent – so it doesn’t sway the decision to move. It’s not that I’ll mind working full time again, it’s that K is going to have to go into full time day care and E will have to go into an after school program or something. The idea of them being in the care of someone else for that long each day pretty much makes me want to throw up so it’s something I’ve been trying not to think to much about. I think once K is in school and they get to be in an after school program together I’ll feel ok with it, though at that point we’ll have been there for two years already so I think we’ll all just be used to it by then anyway. I also think it will do K some good because she is a very clingy child who has never been babysat so she could do with a little independence, but still. I wish there was a way to keep her home until she starts school, but it just won’t happen.

Waiting for the train.

Another thing that will suck about working 9-5 is that I’ll have to start making appointments and go shopping at all the peak times when everyone else has to. One of the perks of being a SAHM is that you can go anywhere and do anything at whatever time of the day suits you and you get to avoid all the after work/weekend rushes. Yeah, yeah – wah wah wah. Poor me. But! I will at least be able to get my appreciation for the weekend back so that’s something.

Also, today is my brother, Joseph’s, 27th birthday. He really doesn’t read this much, but just in case:

Uncle Jofes and E.

This photo was taken in March, 2007 when Joseph was visiting with us. I’m sure you can tell that the look E is giving her uncle is a huge mark on the pro side of the “list”.


3 Responses

  1. Sorry. 😦

  2. No need to be sorry. I think that came off a bit more whingy than intended. It’s just one of the things I’ve been meaning to write about, but probably could have gotten it down a bit better.

  3. Hi – put this image in your mind: your father and I doing the dance of joy around the living room (or I guess I should say the lounge room) because we will get to babysit on the weekends when you have to do the errands that you can no longer do during the week.

    love ya

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