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Work it

A couple months ago I went out and got me a job. Nothing too hard, just a job as a checkout person at a grocery store a few minutes up the road, but yeah a job. I decided to find work in the evenings and Sundays to put a dent in our credit debt before we make our big move in six or so months. The move that I may or may not have told my new employers about when applying, but that’s not important. I knew being on my feet for hours at a time after not having worked for five years (yes, being a mother is work, but you know what I mean) would be an adjustment, but I didn’t think it would throw me off my regular routine as much as it has. Awful back, leg and feet pain aside, for the first couple weeks I was forgetting to pay bills and to post things that needed to go out; the credit card people actually called my house and found it really hard to accept that I had simply forgotten and would pay it first thing in the morning – like, really hard to accept. A ten minute call hard to accept. They were the only ones who had to call, but there were one or two others I missed by a couple days. Even now I’m still finding it hard to get my sleeping routine on some sort of normal track. A lot of my shifts go to 11:30pm and I usually get to bed no earlier than 1:00am on those days, then I still have to get up and do whatever needs to be done the following day. Sometimes I have a nap sometimes I don’t, but on the days I do it just propels my screwed up sleeping even more. I wish I was a person that could go to sleep for five or six hours and wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed, but no. I’m just not. In short let’s just say I’ve been really tired these days.

Andy also had a hard time in the beginning because the girls decided to test him on just about everything. Bedtime, brushing teeth, helping themselves to whatever they wanted to eat? All became fair game. He’s mostly got it all worked out now but those two have testing of patience down to a science.

Working has not been all bad, though. It’s nice to get out and talk to other adults on a regular basis (mostly customers, mind you, since the oldest person I work with is pretty much 21) and I won’t lie – it’s nice to get away from my kids once in a while. For the first time since having them I’ve actually had a chance to miss them, and them me! I think that’s a pretty good thing. Plus, the job is easy and something I can leave and not have to think about until my next shift. I kind of feel like it’s a test run for me getting back into work since I’ll have to work full time once we move…which I’ll write more about that later – I’ve got 30 days to fill!


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