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In which I use a lot of exclamation points!

Hi. Sooo, I took a bit of a break! 57 days to be precise. There’s no good reason for it either, I just did not feel like blogging. I’ve really slowed on reading blogs as well; there is always a huge list of unread posts waiting for me in Google Reader these days, but I just keep on letting it grow. Now this does not mean I’ve been spending less time on the internet, no no no, I’ve just developed a new sickness addiction pass-time. I’ve been spending hours looking at jobs and houses in Nova Scotia. Why, you ask (or maybe not)? Because we’re moving there in (hopefully) May! The moving there part is definite, but the actual date has not been pinned down. I’m hoping for May because that will give us time to get E settled and enrolled in a school.

I can’t wait to get there! Even though living in Australia has been nice in the last year or so I’ve become really unhappy. Andy and I have not been out together (sans kids) since before K was born – she is 2 and 3 months! And even before that I could count the times we were out on one hand, well excluding the trip we took to Nova Scotia when E was one. We left her with my family plenty of times to go out and do things (we even got to go to a New Year’s Eve party and *gasp* both drink alcoholic beverages! Imagine!). So it will be nice to be there and maybe get to have something that resembles a social life. In reality I’ve gotten used to not being able to do anything, but then when I think about the fact that I have gotten used to it that just brings more of The Sad.

Another great thing (or example of my laziness/ antisocialness) is that now I don’t have to put in any effort to make a larger social circle for myself! Woo! Since E started preschool this year it’s finally given me an opportunity to meet some new people (something that hasn’t come easy for me since moving to Victoria while pregnant and then being a SAHM) and so I felt like I had to force myself to “get out there” and “make some friends” and I did. Well, I made two new friends so far, but it’s a start! But! Now I can just forget about them and everyone else here! Ha ha ha! Ok, ok I’m kidding about the last part. I actually have a few good friends here who I met when E was just a baby (one was a couple years later) and they are among the list of things I will miss about Australia. The thing is that two of them have lived here their entire lives and the other not too far from our direct area which means that they have lives that are quite full and already built up. So I only see them a couple times a month since they are obviously busy because they have their friends, families and, well, a life. I already have the long time friends and built up crap too, it’s just that it’s all in Nova Scotia. I’m sure I could have manufactured all that stuff for myself and my family here, but it would have taken forever and now I don’t have to! Neener neener.

This move is not an easy task, mind you. It involves quite a bit of paperwork and money. My family is taking care of the money part; Joseph is buying our plane tickets (Family of four – Melbourne to Halifax. Why don’t you take a look at that price tag!), my parents are saving for, umm, everything else! We will be saving as well, but we’re pretty strapped in the spare money category so if it were not for my family this would not be happening. Even my aunt, uncle and cousins have a jar (can?) that they’ve been chucking their spare change into and then giving it to my mother to bank for us when it gets full. (This is something I only found out about a week or so ago and think it is a pretty darn sweet thing that I appreciate so much.)

Now the paperwork? That is my job and what a job it is! I’ve already done the visa application once before so I knew it was no picnic, but this time I also have a few more things. I think this calls for a list!

  1. K’s birth certificate.
  2. Renew my passport. (It expired in May – whoops!)
  3. E & K’s Canadian Citizenship proof papers.
  4. New passport for E. (Her current one has a photo of her at nine months old.)
  5. First passport for K.
  6. Sponsorship forms for me to fill out. (This is part of Andy’s Canadian visa application.)
  7. Andy’s visa application including photos, medical exam and police check.
  8. My Australian citizenship. (I write the test September 3!)

The stack of guides and forms I printed off for all these things is about two inches thick and at least half of it is double sided. A lot of work, indeed, but totally worth the end result me thinks.

I’ll leave it there for now, but expect this blog to be heavy in the “I’m moving to Nova Scotia!” category for the next nine or ten months!


9 Responses

  1. Great news! I think being close to family is wonderful and we have never regretted our move back home. I can totally understand why you are so excited.

  2. How nice of your family to help out with the move. It almost brought me to tears, actually. They really want you home!! 🙂 They always say, “you can take the girl outta Sackville, but you can’t take the Sackville outta the girl!” ha. Best of luck as you begin the paper trail. I’m sure it’s overwhelming, but completely worth it in the end. Good luck house/job hunting, I’m sure something perfect in both areas will pop up when you least expect it!

  3. How exciting! Nova Scotia is so beautiful. Lucky you!

  4. I can’t wait to see the look K gives them when they try to get her signature this time!! hahaha! What a good idea about the change jar!!! hmmm……………

  5. Wooo! Very exciting. (And overwhelming. But mostly exciting.)

  6. Oh wow! Well, maybe I can come visit sometime. It’s much more likely to happen if you’re in Canada vs. Australia. Whoo hoo! So excited for you and the much happiness to come.

  7. arrrggghhh!!! sorry the australian guy didn’t win the swimming tonight/today/just now! 🙂

  8. well this new job has me not blogging either…i’m glad i’ve finally gotten a moment to surf. Excited for you!

  9. just reading your 74 things (which I do from time to time because I love it) – I think it is time to update and put in number 75….

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