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Maybe I should just shut up…

Maybe the constant rising fuel prices are a necessary evil to force all of us to change our ways.

Maybe we’ll actually start driving less and taking public transport instead of just talking about it.

Maybe this will be the push needed to bring ozone friendly transportation and heating options into the price ranges that average people can afford.

Maybe this is too heavy a thought and you’d rather listen to some cute songs by E.

* Please know that I am saying this as a person who really can not afford the price of fuel and who really has no idea what to do if things keep going the way they are. *


4 Responses

  1. I think it’s true, though. Before the prices started skyrocketing, Rob and I believed that’s what it would take to get us to find alternative solutions. Now that it’s happening, we’ll see…. It does completely suck budget-wise, but something’s gotta give.

  2. (By “us” I mean the world, and specifically the US. Not just Rob & I, although us, too. We’re all part of the problem.)

  3. I’m just furious that carmakers didn’t see this coming, and the “fuel efficient” cars they show on TV still only get 30-35 mpg. That’s not good enough for me. And yes, it’s affected our family. I’m not sure that I can stay home anymore.

  4. It’s all so tricky! I’m definitely no expert on the matter. I was reading about biofuels today and how the demand for more corn fields to produce more ethanol is driving up the price of grains and foods that rely on grains (dairy, eggs, beef).

    I still drive to work every day because the thought of taking Wolf on public transport is too much! I still feel bad though.

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