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Just putting these out there

These are a couple ideas that have been rattling around in my head for a little while and I thought I’d share them with you:

You know how people will be telling a story and random phrases will come up like: The Creepy Perving, Green Card Shenanigans or The Plummeting Helicopters (all of these examples have come from Holly at Nothing But Bonfires – one in her comments – and if she checks the stats on her search widget she is going to think I am a complete weirdo, but that was the most recent time I could remember reading this sort of thing…) and then someone will say, “Hey, that would make a great band name!”? Well, hey! That would make a great board game!

Someone could gather up millions! (Or hundreds. Whatever.) of actual weird band names for the game base and have a description of the kind of music they play, some song and album names and maybe even a photo of the band. To play the band info would be given out and everyone playing would try to come up with some hilarious name for the band in a Balderdash style. The actual band name would then be put in the mix and everyone would have a turn at guessing which was real. Ok, so this is turning out to be incredibly similar to Balderdash so maybe they would have to put out Balderdash: The Music is in You! Edition (it’s a working title), but either way – fun, no?

My second idea may already exist (if so tell me where to find it pretty please…), but how great would it be to have a recipe website where you can type in a bunch of ingredients you already have in the kitchen, or maybe some things you think would be tasty together, and then recipes that use all (or some of) those ingredients come up on your screen. When I’m stuck for dinner ideas (which happens, oh, every other day) I’m constantly wishing there was something like this available.

And that’s it. I have other ideas in my head like a special kind of pavement that absorbs all the rain and snow and is able to regenerate itself and repair cracks and potholes therefore making safe driving conditions year round, but that involves the invention of a new material that can complete the task in an environmentally safe fashion and, well, it gets a bit complicated. I’ll just save that one for another day when I’ve worked out all the kinks.


6 Responses

  1. I don’t know if there is an actual website out there that does this but I often google recipes in that way.

    I’ll put something like:
    ground beef tomato rice bubblegum recipe

    Whatever comes up that I have all the ingredients for, I cook.

  2. Kerrin was just saying on Wednesday that he wished there was a recipie website that you could just input ingredients and get a bunch of options. Great minds huh!

  3. http://allrecipes.com/Search/Ingredients.aspx

    I like you:-)

    I too have lots of ideas, that might go somewhere if someone actually did something about them.

    I’ll visit again soon.

  4. I started to post about allrecipes, but then I realized that someone else already did, so I’ll move on to mentioning how awesome the band name Balderdash game idea is. Balderdash is SO AWESOME. I need to go play it right now.

  5. Hi, Bente. I know this is old, just wandered over from Twitter. These ideas are brilliant. I’d totally buy that band game, or that version of Balderdash. At the very least, send it registered, copyright notice, etc., to the Balderdash people. You are not a SAHM (alone), you are a SAHM/I (Inventor). Keep dreaming, you have good ideas!

    I hope the Abby situation is worked out soon, for everyone’s best.

  6. I think Balderdash would make a great band name…

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