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One Saturday Morning

This morning as we were leaving to take Andy to work I was the last one out and the second I closed the door behind me I realized I left my keys inside. Andy tried to open the windows to the living room, but they were all locked so I ran around to the back because I knew our bedroom window was open. I got there and suddenly the window was so much higher than I had remembered. I got one of the chairs from the deck, but it was still too high. Andy came around and noticed the laundry window was open so I brought the chair over and climbed through that window. I hate not too high high heights like ladders and what have you and the drop from the window to the floor was just high enough that my breathing sounded like I was on camera in the Blair Witch Project. Never-the-less I got through, grabbed my keys and we were off. Now we just have to make sure it’s not so easy to break into our house, I suppose.*

After we dropped Andy off the girls and I headed to the grocery store. As we were heading in I saw a few boys who worked there pushing a bunch of trollies into the store so I hurried the girls so I could grab one and be out of the way by the time they got up the ramp and in the store. We got up to the trollies quick enough, but when I grabbed my trolley and tried to move aside for them I crashed my shoulder and face right into the fire hose on the wall. It hurt.

We got our groceries and headed to the car. We have a trailer hitch ball thingy on the back of our car and I usually wedge the trolley on that when I putting the kids and groceries in the car so it won’t roll away. This is a practice that has worked for me for years up until now. I had put everything away and was buckling K in when I looked up and saw the trolley making it’s way across the parking lot. I gasped and ran, trying to catch it, but unfortunately a parked car beat me to the punch. And, of course, there was two people in the car. They came out and I apologized, they had a look at the car and said they couldn’t see anything and not to worry about it. (Phew!) I apologized again and went to put my trolley away, another employee was there to collect those trollies and I told him what I had just done (I don’t know why) and as I was walking away I crashed my leg and hip into the metal bars holding the trollies in place. It also hurt.

I was just about to end this by saying: Things can only go uphill from here, right ? When E walked in to tell me K was drawing on the tv. I went to see and not only had she drawn on the tv, but also on the rocking horse, her zebra spin toy, the table, the wall, her chair, and of course, her face.

It’s not even luch time yet, people!

* Sad thing is that it was only a couple months ago that I said the exact same thing to a taxi driver who had to take us home when I locked the keys in the car. Guess it’s lucky I didn’t listen to myself.


3 Responses

  1. Thought I would add that I didn’t have time to dry my hair before we left so that mixed with the climbing through windows meant that I went through all of this with awful looking hair. Just adding insult to injury I suppose.

  2. Holy crap. That is the worst day ever.

  3. I don’t even know what to say!

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