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A girl and her fish

During pick up time at preschool last week we were all set and ready to head to the gate and go home. I was loaded down with E’s back pack, some artwork and my treasurer stuff and E had a fish that had been hanging up from the ceiling for months. I was happy that the girls were cooperating for once and that I didn’t have to corral them to the gate, but on our way out I ended up chatting with another mother and the girls took full advantage of the situation and ran around the playground while we talked. After a few minutes I said goodbye and told the girls it was time to go. K was happy to oblige, but E decided that was the worst idea ever. What? Was I crazy? There was a playground to be played on – going home could wait. I called to her several times and attempted to chase her, but as I said I was loaded down and four year olds? They’re fast. And kind of small. At this point my patience was about as thin as rice paper and I was in no mood to convince a child – through gritted teeth – to come down off the monkey bars so we could go home. So, when E got closer to me I did the only thing I could think of and I grabbed her fish. My thinking was that, yes, she would be upset, but she would come chasing after me to get it back and I could lead her right to the car. At first my plan seemed to be working; she got upset and started to run, but instead of coming after me she went back up the steps towards the school. I thought it was a little odd, but just figured she was going to run along the patio and down the other set of steps near the gate. Well, E had another plan. She ran right up the steps, crying and yelling, and straight to her teacher.

She told on me.

I gave her back the fish feeling a bit silly and attempted a quick explanation of why I took it in the first place. Only everything I said just sounded like I was an idiot or mean. With me making jokes about ‘crazy kids’ on the way out we all walked to the car and I had to hear about how I took the fish and blah blah blah all the way home.

Moral of the story is that if you’re going to take something from your kid make sure there are no “responsible” adults in the surrounding proximity.

I still can’t believe she told on me. Jerk.

E and her fish


5 Responses

  1. I think the key is to not get embarrassed: “That, right, I took your fish! And if you don’t listen I’m going to light it on fire. Now get in the car!” Okay, so maybe that’s a bit harsh. Can you tell I don’t have kids? 🙂

  2. Umm…I won’t mention the times when I get *extremely* frustrated with E and threaten to light Aggie (her, sort of, blanket) on fire then.

    Huh, what? Ohhh, whoops.

  3. Heh. She told. That is so awesome.

    She is so smart.

  4. She told on you. Hysterical!

  5. ah. Have I ever told you that she’s too smart for her (and your) own good? What a mind on that girl. I would have done the same thing I would imagine. And the teacher must have thought it was a little funny at least, didn’t she?

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