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Mish Mash

~For the last two weeks I have forgotten to take the garbage bins to the curb the night before garbage day. Both times have resulted in me waking to the sound of the garbage truck coming down my street, then jumping! out of bed, running down the hall and out the door and pushing the bins (with my eyes half shut and my hair scruffed out – just ask my neighbour) to the curb. Lucky for me the garbage collectors do the other side first or I’d be SOL.

~A couple weeks ago I bought E some new winter clothes. In the store I debated on whether to get her the size four or five pants. The fives were a bit big in the waist and length so I went with the fours which were pretty good all around and still had a little extra length in case she had a spurt over the next few months. I think you can guess where this is going – the pants are now suitable for flood waters. These kids and their growing.

~I know I’m getting old because Big Brother has just started up for the year here and as I was trying to watch last night my head was about to explode listening to one of the 20 year olds speak. Like, I just couldn’t, like, listen anymore? Like when someone who like doesn’t actually know anything about, like, the topic of the, like discussion, but like still, like puts their like idiotic like two cents in? Like, that really like puts me over the like edge. Like, like, like. LIKE! I’ve watched the series every year (except the first because I wasn’t living in this country, but I watched the American one that year) and the irritating, mind numbing, substance lacking conversation might actually stop me from tuning in this year. Maybe.

~I get several people visiting this post everyday via a Google search for puffy knee (Number three currently. Woohoo?), swollen knee or something to that effect. It is my most popular post on the entire blog. The post has absolutely no information for people wondering about knee problems and I feel kind of bad. One day when I’m not feeling lazy I may actually put some helpful links on there.

~Have you ever seen the show ‘Shaun the Sheep‘? It’s a kids show, but it is so well done and hilarious. I found a couple episodes on You Tube to get you started (One is about six minutes and the other seven and both are worth the watch.):


One Response

  1. hugo LOVES shaun the sheep. he thinks it’s hilarious, which i biased think is quite clever for a three year old! x

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