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It’s my party and i’ll scream as loud as I can if I want to

So, it is K’s second birthday on Monday and I’m not giving her a birthday party. Now before you start thinking I’m an awful person please let me explain. See, the thing is we just don’t like her that much. Ha! Ha. Ha. I am completely and utterly joking please don’t send me nasty emails. No, the reason is more because K does not like anyone all that much. Especially people who are over four feet tall. She likes me, Andy and E just fine, but pretty much anyone else, even grandparents, she’s needs a good three hours to warm up to. And after those three hours it’s still a crapshoot with her level of tolerance towards you/them; sometimes she’s willing to give kisses, sometimes you’re lucky to get a smile pointed in your direction. All this plus her absolute hatred of the Happy Birthday song* makes me feel as though a party might be more similar to torture to her than a fun celebration. So, instead we’ll have cake and a meal she likes with the handful of people she can stand to be around on her big day.

watching you

*She really hates this song. Last week when Andy and E were trying to sing it to me she would not let it happen and this morning when we sang it to Andy** it was mixed with a chorus of angry toddler screams.

**Yes, this is a busy few weeks for us with birthdays – my mother’s is on the 10th as well.


2 Responses

  1. I should say that she does love her grandparents, but it still takes her a while before she’ll accept them talking to her.

  2. She’s got character doesn’t she? She’ll be an eccentric individual, I’m guessing. Those eyes. Do you squeeze her often? I can’t stand it she’s so cute!

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