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Here’s hoping this is just a cute quirk

As you can probably see I have changed my theme here at it’s all a blur. I decided I wanted two columns in my sidebar and went from there. I’m really happy with the new look with only one exception: the width of the columns are all fixed. What this means in this case is that the center column is not wide enough for the usual size of photos I use and they will either be cut off a little or I will have to use a smaller size photo. I looked through eight bazillion themes and the only one I like was this so I just decided to live with that small inconvenience.

I did notice one funny little thing when checking out my new surrounds, though. See if you can spot it:


Not sure? Maybe this will help:


A little closer?


And just to be sure you see it:


I saw the same little smiley on my old theme, but it was beside the name of the person who designed that theme and I assumed it was part of their signature. Now I’m wondering if this is a wordpress thing, so if you have a wordpress blog do you see this little smiley anywhere on the page? I’m kind of hoping you do because as nice as it would be to be “special” I think we would have to start looking in the direction of a virus and we Andy literally just formatted and reinstalled everything because of the last virus we I managed to get. Fingers crossed!

Updated to add: Ok, I just realized that I could just go and look at other wordpress pages myself. Yes I’m a quick one. And I see the smiley on UCM, Sharkey and Cat’s. Now I guess the question is can you all see it, too?

Updated, again, to add: I did a little research and have found that the smiley is placed there by wordpress for their stat counter. I kind of wish I just left it alone now because the answer has turned out to be a bit boring. Ah well, he’s still cute…I guess.


4 Responses

  1. I’m not sure what that little happy guy is all about. It was on my last theme, too. I do see him over there on yours, so it’s not a virus. I did a quick Google, and couldn’t find anything about him. There was a page that said that the “Light” theme did not have a happy face on it.

    Happy blogging!

  2. I like the new look! And I’ve definitely noticed the smiley in various random places on WordPress blogs. I kinda like him.

  3. Yep, I’ve noticed him too. I don’t think he’s always in the same place, either. He’s pretty cute!

  4. Thanks, ladies! He is pretty cute. I’m glad there is no need to fear him. 🙂

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