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Looking for some advice

I am wondering what sort of RSS readers you all are using. I was using Sage and I was quite happy with it, but then a few days ago it just up and left my computer without so much as a note explaining why. I’ve tried to reinstall it on my computer several times, but I just keep getting an error response. Now I’m a little lost because it’s the only reader I have ever used, so maybe you could tell me what you’re using and what you think. Thank you in advance!

(And now I’m really hoping some of you respond or my “in advance” is going to make me look like a complete ass.)


5 Responses

  1. Google Reader, web based RSS reader that I spend most of day in.


  2. I use Bloglines. It’s web-based too, which is nice in case you’re ever away from home and need a blog fix.

  3. Bloglines here, too. The sage reader was nice, but then you had to worry about saving your feeds every once in awhile. I had the same thing happen to me with lost feeds. I’ve never had a problem with Bloglines, plus you can “clip” or save posts you enjoy or want to refer to later. It updates new posts within minutes and constantly refreshes. Dooce is kind of hard to read in it. I have to hide the feeds on the left by pushing the little arrow on that frame. Then the words don’t get lost on the right side. I have my posts set so that they don’t publish in their entirety on feed readers, so you have to come to my blog to read everything…and maybe leave a comment if you are so inclined. 😉

  4. I’d say either Google reader or bloglines. Both are really good.

  5. Thanks, guys. I decided to go with Google mainly because I already had it, but hadn’t ever used it. So far things are going good and I think I’ll like the web based reader much more!

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