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Kind of a flickr PSA

I used to be good at putting my photos on flickr into the sets they belong, but I started to get behind recently. At least I thought it was recently until yesterday when I finally did organize some of them and realized the last time I had put photos of either of the girls in their sets was June 2006! Thankfully flickr makes it pretty easy to get things in order and all their photos are where they should be…I think. The rest of what I have on there is a different story, but I’ll get to it eventually. Or at least in a couple years.

I’m not sure how many people who read here also look at flickr so I thought I’d add a bunch of recent pictures. For any of you out there who do look at my flickr site and don’t have a user name – you should sign up. You don’t have to pay anything, or even use it for photos, but if I know you I can add you to my friends and family list so that you can see the pictures of the girls I have up there. (Which is more than half the photos that make up my stream.)

Is your heart in a puddle beside you?
I like this one of K because you can see me reflected in her eyes. Which actually sounds kind of vain now that I think about it.

e for effort
They were a bit damp and she had a pretty hard time actually blowing the fluffies off.

A camera phone shot. She loves the camera on my phone.

strike a pose


miss e

I'm starting to think this look is their official pose.
They did it again. In all the shots not once have I told them to do this.

To prove I do actually take photos of things besides my kids once in a while:

Abby Dabby
You can see the girls playing reflected in her eye in the larger shot.

lemon tree flower



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