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Are you kidding me?

Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!

So, this morning, aka: the hottest day predicted this week, we wake up to find that our air conditioning is not working. Great. I call the real estate agent who tells me, “We’ll get someone out there as soon as we can.” In the past this has meant that nobody comes for ages and nobody calls to let us know what’s happening. Since today is Friday my hopes were not too high for us getting help. Luckily this time around they actually got a plumber out here this afternoon and I actually let myself get a little hopeful.

I am an idiot. The universe hates me so I had no place being hopeful.

The diagnosis? The cooling is fucked. Yes, I put it right out there – no @’s or #’s. The system will need to be replaced and it will be a big, expensive job (read: not likely one the owners will be rushing to get done). I’m guessing it will probably happen no earlier than Thursday because that is when this god awful weather is supposed to change. Realistically, though it probably won’t be done for two weeks or something.

I am cranky. I am pissed. I am frustrated. Once our house finishes heating up today it probably will not cool down until the weather changes in a few days. I know there are plenty of people worse off in the world right now, but man this fucking sucks.


One Response

  1. I’ll leave a comment on here to update the situation(because the completely empty comment section shows that people are obviously very interested.). Another guy came for a second opinion Monday and after 10 or 15 minutes he ahd fixed it. How? Took the cover off and flipped a switch. As happy as I was to have it fixed it would have been much nicer to not have an oven for a house all weekend.

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