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cooking in the fall

So, I’ve been wanting to write a new post, but there’s this thing that keeps distracting me:


Yes I’m back on the weather. This forecast makes me so angry, and I know how stupid it is to be angry about the weather, but here I am – being all angry. I want to yell at someone for this. I hate this. It is autumn here now. AUTUMN! HELLO? I won’t add any more because it would just be a huge chorus of four letter words, but seriously weather? F@#K OFF!

For those interested: 38°C = 100.4°F and 20°C = 68°F (the LOW for two nights. FRAK.)


3 Responses

  1. I TOTALLY FEEL YOU. I get the same way here in the fall. And right now I’m really trying to enjoy the last of the spring weather before the heat sets in without ruining it by dreading the hot weather to come.

  2. Still jealous.

  3. So now Monday decided to jump on the 38 degree bandwagon and not to be outdone Friday went up to 39. When will it end? WHEN!?

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