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A day at the museum

For the past few months E has developed a keen interest in dinosaurs. Thanks to things like the ABC Kids website and her (pretty cool) dinosaur book she is able to identify a Brachiosaurus, a T-Rex and some others. She can even tell which dinosaurs are meat eaters or plant eaters based on their jaw shape or if they have protective spikes on their back. Of course she doesn’t always get it right, but her knowledge always impresses me since she currently knows at least as much as I do about dinosaurs, if not more*.

We decided it would be a fun idea to make a trip to the Melbourne Museum to see the dinos and so much more! So Sunday was the day and we made the two hour journey to Melbourne to see what we could see. Upon arrival we were not disappointed as we were greeted by a giant dinosaur that I probably should have noted the name of and E lost her mind with excitement.

This is not the dino that greeted us because I didn’t think to get a photo of him.

Our first stop had to be The Evolution Gallery, but on the way there you have to go through the Science and Life Gallery which just happened to be temporarily housing the original Phar Lap (a race horse). We stopped and had a look and almost straight away E noticed a *ahem* certain part of Phar Lap and commenced pointing and giggling. Given her height and age it was unavoidable, really. And given mine and Andy’s twelve year old maturity (more on this later) it was also hilarious.

We eventually found our way to the dinosaurs and E absolutely loved it.

I took the photos with my cameraphone, so the quality isn’t the best.

She had brought a couple of her dino toys for the trip and matched some of them up with their fossils. They had videos of dinosaurs playing on the walls and sounds of them throughout the entire display. It was really good and at some points E was a little afraid that a dinosaur was coming and she needed to be reminded that they had all died a very long time ago. I don’t think we’ll be showing her Jurassic Park any time soon. Once we saw the Evolution Gallery we found ourselves in The Human Body Gallery. Here we saw all kinds of interesting things like real human organs cut open, dna displays, historic post-mortem tools, and plenty of other fascinating bits and bites. Unfortunately (for our family and only because we are who we are) this display also contained a whole lot of nakedness. E had more than one point and giggle session – if you know what I mean, and I think you do. (I did tell her she had to stop and by the time we were at the last “specimen” she didn’t react at all.) Also, thanks to me, Andy, our teenage boy mentality, a naked, life sized statue of a 65+ old woman and my cameraphone we managed to – and I’m not proud of this – get in trouble. Well, it was just a ‘no pictures’ warning, but given the placement of Andy’s hand at the time it was an embarrassing moment for the family. I would also like to add that I was telling Andy to stop and only agreed to (attempt to) take the photo so he would get away from the display.

By this point we were well into the afternoon (about 3:30) and getting a bit hungry. We headed to the museum cafe for a bite only to get there and find out they had stopped cooking and all there was to order was what was leftover in the display case. They didn’t close for AN HOUR and they had stopped cooking to clean up, what kind of lazy bs is that? So we ended up getting four cookies, three milks and Andy braved a wrap from the display. $26.40 later (!) we headed to the Children’s Gallery for a bit before heading home. The kids had a blast here. K was finally allowed out of the stoller and I think she actually shouted “FREEDOM!” as she ran around like a nutcase.

Last stop was the museum shop for a souvenir for each of the girls; a dinosaur bath toy set for K and a $30 (!) toy dinosaur for E. Normally I would not spend so much on an overpriced plastic toy, but the trip was originally planned for overnight so we had spent way less than budgeted. Plus E just loves this guy and even brings him to bed every night to sleep with her.

Overall we had a great time and the kids were well behaved for the entire trip. The museum is amazing (save the cafe) and we are planning to go again soon since we didn’t get to see the whole thing on this trip. If you’ve never been and are around Melbourne I highly recommend a visit!

*Did you know that there is no longer a dinosaur called a Brontosaurus? I didn’t, but apparently the dinosaur originally known as Brontosaurus is now called Apatosaurus. First Pluto, now this? They’re just trying to erase everything I learned as a child.


2 Responses

  1. What, no miniature plastic replica of the 65-year-old woman for Andy?

    Sounds like you had fun. If I can ever afford to come that way, I’ll have to check it out!

  2. If only they sold them!

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