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I started to write a post yesterday that was going to be about things that annoy me because, frankly, I was annoyed. Unfortunately E decided that giving me five minutes to get a couple thoughts down was far too generous and was only willing to allot me 30 second stints of silence at any given time. So then the plain old post I was writing started to sound like I was feeling a wee bit hostile towards my four year old and while the constant chattering sometimes makes me wish I could take my ears off and hide them in the closet, it in no way makes me angry with her. That’s when I decided to step away from the publish button because as few readers as I may have you just never know who could stop by and take things the wrong way.

Table for two?

Now today I will write the “Things That Annoy Me” post because even though I’m not feeling particularly annoyed (yet) these things still bug me.

1. The sound of legos being put together.

2. People who flat out ignore messages from me that ask them a question or warrant some sort of reply.

3. Summer.

4. The sound of an animal licking themselves. Abby knows this and will sit by me and lick very fast and loud if she wants something and I’m not paying attention.

abby dabby

5. Other people using my pillow.

6. The way tv is programmed in Australia.

7. House/blow flies. Why do they have to dive at me and buzz in my face? Are they trying to piss me off?

8. People who wear too much perfume. It gives me a headache almost immediately.

9. The fact that I want to get to ten with this list, but I’m drawing a total blank.


6 Responses

  1. I’m annoyed at the moment, too. But this is a fun idea for a post! I bet I would have a bunch…

  2. How can you be annoyed by Summer? How?

    I would kill for Summer to come around right now. I am so annoyed at being cold.

  3. I’ll bet number ten would be the rattling of paper like chip bags

    love ya

  4. Loud chewing. Drives me absolutely nuts. Bad grammar. Saying “I could care less” instead of “I couldn’t care less”. Many, many other things. Not being able to think of ten means you’re obviously a way more mellow, sane, yielding person than I!

  5. kalki, I have a ton more little ones, but the list would have been never ending if I included everything.

    froglette79, how? Easy! The heat, the sweating, the noisy aircons all over the place and crappy tv are just a few reasons. 😉

    Mamma, I should have included that one for sure.

    superblondgirl, hahaha! I have so many more little ones I didn’t put on here. I left off most of the things that I regularly complain about and I’m not sure why. Maybe I thought because people around me hear about that stuff so much that the internet would know as well? Really, I’m just not the person to ask about how my mind works. 🙂

  6. Number four is one of mine too. Bailey drives me bonkers with it. And you know, I think it’s OK if our kids annoy us sometimes – I have a feeling we will annoy them when they are teens and certainly when they are adults (and vice versa). 🙂

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