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Cheater cheater pumpkin eater

As you may have noticed I’m trying to post more. I was going for every day, but I just didn’t feel like it yesterday and now I can’t think of anything to write about today so I am reposting something I wrote two and a half years ago. It’s not topical or anything, just an amusing tale. I do find it funny that I originally prefaced this post with “nothing to write”. So here we go, a post from my old blog dated July 12, 2005 (with a photo added in for effect!)…


I’m having trouble thinking of anything to write lately so I figured I’d tell a funny story from our trip to Nova Scotia at Christmas time.

This story takes place at LAX in December, 2004. We were in line for customs and Andy had to give his fingerprint and have his photo taken so he could be identified if he did anthing wrong like park at the white curb* that was for pick up and drop off only. I didn’t have to do these things because I’m Canadian and the US and Canada have some sort of agreement about making people have their picture taken after being in the air for a gagillion hours and not having a shower for the same amount of time. E also got off because she was only 11 months old, but that excuse wouldn’t work for everyone at LAX that day. Next Andy and E had to go get a little green piece of paper telling them how long they could stay in the US, I didn’t have to do this because of the Canadian thing and went on to collect our luggage.

This is where we come to the funny part and I’m retelling the story so forgive me if the details are sketchy. Andy and E went on to the next part of customs and Andy was given two forms to fill out; one for him, one for E (who was 11 months old at the time). Andy filled out all their details signed his form and handed them to the officer. The officer looked the forms over and then looked at E’s (who was 11 months old) and noticed it wasn’t signed. He looked at Andy and said very seriously, “This isn’t signed, she has to sign it.” Andy looked at the officer and said very seriously, “She’s eleven months old.” To which the officer replied, “Well she has to sign it.” Andy just said, “She’s only ELEVEN MONTHS old!” The officer looked her up and down with a glare and snarled. E just shrugged her shoulders as if to say, “Hey man, I’m only eleven months old what do want from me?”

Finally the officer gave in and let Andy sign for her. Andy held in all the things he wanted to say and just walked away because these guys can make life very difficult for you if they choose. Personally, after being cramped up in a plane for 20 hours, I’d have given the pen to E and let her scribble all over the form and then would have proceded to throw the form in his face saying, “There ya go you freakin’ moron, put that in your file and shove it.”

Lucky for all of us I’m Canadian and got a free pass, eh?

Monkey and Mimmi
E (now a year old and therefore expected to drive in L.A.) and my mother while we were visiting Canada.

* Every time they played the announcement for the white curb rules this is what we heard: “The wanker is for pick up and drop off only. Do not leave your car unattended at the wanker.” It wasn’t until we’d heard it at least 20 times before we realized what they were actually saying.


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