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This may be too revealing…

I have another obsession besides Justin (which oddly dropped down to a totally normal level as soon as he left this hemisphere. I can’t explain it. Did I think when he was here that I actually had a chance of meeting him? Really, I can’t even answer that…), and this one could be bordering on crazy.

Have you seen Gilmore Girls? I love that show so much and I have since day dot. Really I was there right from the beginning and it struck it’s place in my heart as my favourite show pretty much immediately. Of course it is no longer running because the TV Gods take away anything I love eventually, but thanks to the magic of DVD I can watch it anytime I want and that happens to be all the time.

Gilmore Girls hasn’t actually finished in Australia. The last time it was on one of the sporadic runs tv programmers just seem to love here it was somewhere in the middle of season six. Season six is the second last season, but while I was still restrained by the Australian tv programmers and not yet watching the show on DVD I didn’t realize we were so behind here and thought it was the final season. When I eventually went to the website to check something and I realised my mistake I was so freaking happy – I still had one and a half seasons to watch! I think the next day I went to the video store to see if they had season six – they did and I rented it and watched the remaining episodes in record time. Then I was faced with the reality that since we were not up to the final season (oh my god, if I have to write the word season one more time I think my brain will fall out, but I don’t think I can really substitute another word there. Ahhhhh!) here and I would probably have to wait two years or something crazy to see it. So I asked Andy if he could “find” it for me and “find” it he did! It took a really long time for us to acquire season (splat, brain on floor) seven and while I waited I watched season six again. Then season seven was here. I watched it in a few days – 22 episodes! I cried. I think I fell into a mild depression for a day or two because it was over. Then I decided to watch seasons six and seven again. Then I went to the video store and got season five. I watched season five and then season six and seven again. So I was now up to season six four times, season seven three times and if you count the original time I watched season five when it was airing then season five was at two times. My next plan was to go rent season four and then follow that by five, six and seven…again, but season four was out! My plan! Ruined! I looked to the left and I saw it: Season one. The beginning! I formed a new, slightly less insane (really though, sanity left this scenario a long time ago) plan where I would re-watch the entire series. I am currently on episode five of season two and my love has not wavered. The show is bliss. I think it will always be my all time favourite.

Andy is not so happy with my plan. That could be because of moments like we had last night: it was 1:00am and he came into the room where I was watching the end of episode five, season two and he questioned how I could watch the show so much. I told him I loved it and that I was going to watch it forever. That I was going to watch right through to the end of the series and then I was going to start it all over again. And then again. And again and again until every word and scene was permanently etched in my brain and even when I wasn’t watching it I could be watching it. If was on a bus or a plane I could just turn it on in my head.

Did I mention it was 1:00am? Anyway, I totally think you should watch the show if you haven’t already because in case you didn’t catch on? I love Gilmore Girls.

(Season six is my favourite.)


6 Responses

  1. You could try replacing “season” with “cycle” like they do on America’s Next Top Model. That’s kind of silly though.

  2. I completly understand. When I got season 1 on DVD, the Husband and I stayed up all night to watch the entire series straight through. In one weekend. Talk about your brain splatting on the floor. But, it was worth it. I love that show.

  3. That is (was) a good show. Even JP would sit down to watch it with me.

  4. You are me. And I mean that almost literally. I am a Gilmore Girl nut myself and also watch almost obsessively AND I’ve recently finished my own rewatch of the first six seasons. Season Six is also my favourite. I also was up past midnight not two nights ago watching the end of season four. Weeeeiiirrrddd. I’ve been waiting very patiently for season seven (read: not at all patiently) since our internet access is not enough for us to, heh, ‘find’ it. But I hear the end is teary and that Lorelai sings. Yay! Love it already.

  5. Yep the man and I bought all of them and were waiting for season seven to come out so a friend ‘found’ it for us.

    Did the same watched it in a few days and both of us cried at the end!

  6. I love this show too! And even though I was sad to see it end, I thought they tied things up as well as they could. I cried like a baby, because I was that emotionally invested in the lives of fictional characters.

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