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Random stuff

~~ I’m finding it really annoying that my flickr widget will not center itself. I have no control over that widget other then adding it and it seems to me that it’s just a matter of simple coding for it to be centred. I just managed to get everything else looking neat and tidy and there is nothing I can do about flickr. I’ve tried making a badge through the flickr site and adding it here via a text widget, but nooo, of course that won’t work. Grrr.

~~ I’m really liking Heroes so far this season, but it seems like I’m the only one. I agree it’s a bit slow, but I think it is picking up. For me it’s kind of playing out the same as the first season because had I not had seven or eight episodes to watch last year right away (Totally legal means. Totally.) I don’t think I’d have got into it to begin with, but then the story picked up and I watched each week once the episodes started to catch up here (Australia = behind everything*). I figure the same thing will happen and that they are starting slow because there are new characters and we need a chance to get attached (or whatever) to them.

~~Summer is coming and the hot weather is starting. I hate the heat. I’m so glad that we only have four or so months of heat and eight of cool to cold, but still – summer is coming. Ack.

~~ I joined a photography/art site in September called Red Bubble. I’ve added a link to my profile in the sidear. There is some fantastic talent on that site! I’ve sold two cards so far and that means I have made $1.50 and this also happens to be my grand total for any money I have ever made in photography. If that’s all I ever make I’ll still be happy about that. Since joining Red Bubble I’ve regained some inspiration for taking pictures that I was lacking for a while now. Flickr just didn’t do it for me, mostly because there is a lot of portrait photography (there’s a ton of other stuff too, of course) on there and while I can appreciate some massive talent in that field, it’s just not my thing. So anyway, I’m really happy Cafrine decided to write about RB and get me started on my journey.

~~ The girls are continuing to grow. I’ll be going to E’s preschool meeting Monday night to meet the teachers and other parents. We’ll also find out if we got the days we picked so fingers crossed. One of the questions on the form we had to send in was if I wanted to be on a committee for her school, you know, president, treasurer, newsletter, yadda yadda – there was like ten or more things on the list. I chose….nothing. I have no desire to do any of that stuff. Does that make me a bad parent? If they actually ask me to do a specific thing then I will comply, but I really didn’t feel like putting my hand up at this point. I’d have to go to a monthly meeting. That’d be like 12 meetings or something.

* Things are getting better here thanks to <sarcastic voice> Super duper “Fast tracking” direct from the US! </sarcastic voice>. Seriously though, the “fast tracking” is good, it just sounds stupid and so I make fun.


5 Responses

  1. I’m liking Heroes too! I don’t mind if it’s slow, if what’s happening is still interesting. So with that in mind, I watch Peter and Nathan and Matt and ignore everyone else. Works for me. A plus for this year – for me – is David Anders who can make up for any painful slowness, even when he is sucked into the most boring storyline ever (Hated the Ancient Japan storyline. HATE!)

    “Fast-tracking” is so silly. Awesome but silly.

    Meanwhile, I’m very glad you’re loving RB! It’s fun, eh? Good people. Good artwork.

  2. Congrats on the card sales!

    Sorry about summer coming. I don’t get to be smug, though, because summer should be over here, but that didn’t keep it from being 90 degrees out today. 😛

  3. Wow, thanks for the awesome compliment about my photos! And congrats to you for selling some of yours!

    As I read this, I wondered if it took a while for you to ‘recalibrate your system’ after moving from Canada. Did it take long before you could start thinking of the coming months as summer instead of winter?

  4. I love Heroes too! Congrats on selling some of your photos!

  5. Thanks guys!

    Sharkey, even after six years I still think of the months according to Northern Hemisphere weather really. I think December will always be a winter month and July will always be a summer month in my mind, but there’s no way possible to ignore the heat here in the “winter” months so I never actually get confused with what season it is. I don’t even know if this makes sense, but it’s late so I’ll use that for my excuse. 😉

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