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A confession of sorts

Um, hi. Soooo…this is a little awkward, but I kind of…well, basically…I totally love Justin Timberlake. Love. Him. Yes, I am married with two kids and 28 years old, but I love him more then any other fan out there does. I do! You want proof? I receive emails from Google Alerts about him. I didn’t even know what a Google Alert was until I saw it was an option while I was doing my daily ::ahem:: Justin Googling. I’ve never really got into You Tube until now either, but do you know how much JT is on You Tube? An endless supply, that’s how much!

He is currently in Australia right now. He’s already been to Melbourne (the venue closest to me), but he is coming back for two more shows next weekend because the first ones all sold out so fast. I don’t have tickets and it is killing me. KILL.ING. I want to go so very badly, but the cheapest seats available are $150 and once you add travel to and from the city it’s just ridiculous, but still! The killing? It is, well, it’s killing me. A ton of money or not I’m still watching a bunch of tickets on ebay, you know, just incase.

The funny thing is I’ve never been one to go crazy for a celebrity like this, but Justin is special. And I love him.

That is all.


13 Responses

  1. Oh honey, me too. Words cannot describe.

  2. Really?! Excellent. Maybe if a few more people chime in Andy will tell me to “stop obsessing”. Pfft, whatever.

  3. Wait…did you get to see him there? I know concert tickets are so much more affordable on that side of the world as compared to here. Did you? Did you?!!

  4. hugs – Call your local radio show. They may have tickets for the biggest fan.

  5. Oh no no. You’re not alone. I’m not a Justin Googler, but I hear the name and everything… stops.

    Radio station is a definete for tickets. They’ll hook you up!

  6. mrtl, I have been listening for contests, but haven’t heard of any yet…there is still a week left though so I’ll be keeping my hears tuned.

    Cafrine, have you heard of a contest around here? And if I did happen to get lucky and win a pair maybe you could go with me! I’m pretty sure none of my friends will be interested…

  7. I will go.

  8. Hooray! I think the cost for you to travel to the city will be extra ridiculous. 😉

  9. I know? What is it about that guy? He used to be a kid – a little boy who was dating Britney and not doing it with her, and then a few years later, MAN. Mmmm.

  10. Mmmm about sums it up, Ern.

  11. I’m SO late to this party, but I wanted to chime in because I FEEL you; see, I am rapidly falling into JT-sized LUUUUUV with a (rawr) man from your side of the pond… oh yes I AM. One hot, sexy man by the name of Alex O’Laughlin. Yes, I mocked him and the show “Moonlight” at first, I said, “Oh, who does this guy think he is, trying to be a convincing vampire PI, all dark and mysterious and sexy and whatnot,” then BLAMMO! AO’L Lust. There is no sense to it! But there you are. What’s a gal to do, but just give in to it? He’s my new age-appropriate television crush. At the top of my laminated list!

    Now, explain this “Google Alerts” thing to me…

  12. Okay, so I am totally not “Kim Bullion.” This is Chassy Cat, yo?! Hee. Desperate Working Momma, doncha know. I have NO idea why I was logged into Kim’s website!

  13. […] too revealing… Posted by blurry eyed under t.v.   I have another obsession besides Justin (which oddly dropped down to a totally normal level as soon as he left this hemisphere. I […]

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