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Incase you were wondering…

If you were K you would have a vocabulary of nine words:

The obvious:

[sister’s name] – sort of

The others:

Nana (for banana, though you sometimes would use this for milk)

The not actual words, but still:

Buppa (for your beloved soft, toy puppy)
Babba (for Abby the cat)

If you were me you would not hesitate to cut your own hair when just a minor adjustment is necessary (or if you flip out when trying to style it and it just won’t work, but that was just one time) and you would have done this several times in your life. The surprising part is that in all the times you have done this there has only been one emergency trip to the hair dressers needed. (And that was about five years ago and not during the “flip out” moment.)

If you were Andy or E you’d probably be feeling a little left out right now, sooo…


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