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When in doubt…*

Abby likes to take refuge in our bedroom for most of the day to get away from the kids and have some peace and quiet. Sometimes I go in there to put clothes away or whatever and I am secretly jealous that she has this option, but that’s not the point of this post so! Moving on…

One place she likes to lay most of the time is behind the curtain, in front of the window that goes right down to the floor and has a heating vent on either side. I noticed she liked that spot shortly after we moved in and thought I would lay her sleeping bag/pet bed right in front of the window and between the vents so she could be nice and cozy. I know. Sweet, right? Only thing is it never seems to stay there long. At first I didn’t notice it had been moved for a couple of days at a time, but when I realized I would promptly put it back and remind myself to tell Andy that I was putting it there on purpose so stop freaking moving it all the time! But, I kept forgetting to tell Andy and the bed kept ending up in a crumpled up pile under our bed.

For the last, maybe, four days I have noticed her bed under mine each morning (Probably because I have actually made my own bed each day lately. SAHM of the award over here please!) and I put it back by the window every morning. Andy has had a toothache for the last few days and has been going to bed early each night and so I assumed, once again, that he must move it when he closes the curtains each night. This morning while E and I made my bed I noticed, yet again, Abby’s bed under mine and so I asked E if it was her moving Abby’s bed. E told me it wasn’t her doing it and I believed her because she is still at the age where she tells me the truth when I ask her pretty much anything. Well, she either tells me the truth or some elaborate story about dinosaurs and monsters and between you and me? I’m not buying the old blame the dinosaur one any more. So, tonight Andy went to bed early again, but just a little while ago I noticed the light was on in our room and I went in to check out what he was doing (researching teeth stuff) and I finally thought to ask him why he kept moving Abby’s bed when it was pretty obvious I was putting it there every day. But he told me it wasn’t him moving it! Maybe it was the dinosaur…No! It couldn’t be, that’s just silly. Or is it? Yes, of course it is! Snap out of it! So I thought for a minute and realized there was only one possible culprit left…

Abby! I should have known! I mean, when isn’t it the cat? Abby must grab the bed with her little teeth and drag it across the room and deposit it under our bed every time. I can just imagine her each time she sees that it’s back. “Again with the bed? Really? AGAIN?! Every. F@#king. Day! Jesus, I gotta find a better hiding place for this thing.”

Abby making her oogly face.

*blame the cat (or dog..whatever)


9 Responses

  1. I just realized that it says I posted this on Friday, but it’s still Thursday night! I swear! The clock says 11:21pm. I’ve noticed Flickr doing the same thing to me…hmmm.

  2. That’s such a cute story and what a great photo of Abbey! I’m blogging again, just to let you know xoxox

  3. Pretty kitty.

    And yeah, she must think you are the dumbest person on the planet. Like, “HELLO! I’d prefer my bed to be under your bed, genius! GOSH.”

  4. Hehe, funny you guys say this is a good photo because this is what I call Abby’s “ugly face”. She makes this when she is not impressed with life. 😉

  5. That’s freaking hilarious!! So does she move it once you’re asleep? Maybe you could just put it under your bed? Would that be okay? Abby’s obviously more intelligent than she has been given credit for, eh?

  6. Oh, I always knew she was clever. She has figured out that it irritates the living daylights out of me when she licks herself and if I won’t do something for her she’ll start licking and she gets louder and louder until I either kick her out of the room or give in to whatever her request is.

  7. Remind me never to lick myself in front of you.

  8. ….cause you know the day would come and I would think nothing of stretching out my arm and start licking. Not to bug you purposely of course but just cause it’s a nervous habit or I felt dirty. Y’know. I would just hate for that to happen.

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