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Friend, bully, random kid…whatever

We were at Kidz City last week and K was finally happily playing by herself in the under two section. She was in there by herself and having a hard time being more then two feet away from me (she’s reached one of the oh-so-fun clingy stages) so I asked E to go in with her (even though she is 3 1/2). Two more kids came in and they and K all noticed E was playing with a certain toy and they all headed over. K was the first there and one of the other little girls who just came in decided it would be a great idea to hit her on the head. She started to cry and I got up, cursing the little brat under my breath and headed over to pick K up. (I ended up having to hold her the rest of the time, thanks kid!) On my way I saw E saying some thing to the little girl with an angry look and pointing her arm out. K was really upset and I forgot to ask E what she had said, but later when we were picking Andy up from work and relaying the days events to him she told us what she said,

“The girl hit K and she was crying so I said, GO AWAY, FRIEND!”


2 Responses

  1. Good for E! Girls need that backbone to make it in the world!

  2. Crack.my.ass.up.

    Civil, that one.

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