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What I’ve been up to lately

Spending life sucking hours looking at rental property after rental property on the internet and then a bazillion more hours looking at the actual houses.

Our current house we rent was sold a couple weeks ago and the new owners aren’t willing to continue renting it out. They bought the property because our backyard backs onto their backyard and they want to extend their property and build a pool. Must be nice, eh? I wonder if they’ll buy the house next door for their tennis court.

I’ve never had so much trouble finding a place to rent before, but because interest rates rose or something all the property owners have raised the rent and anything around what we currently pay in rent is a heap of garbage without enough room for our stuff. I have found one place that is suitable and only $15 more a week than what we pay now. We have applied and we’re now waiting to see if the owner of the property likes us. The only reason I could see her denying us is because of Abby (our cat), but the current tenants have a small dog so hopefully it won’t be a problem.

I’m well aware of how boring this is, but I didn’t want to keep neglecting my little space here. I’ll try to get back to posting more regularly again (because I was getting back into it…). Hope you’re all doing well!

Now for a few photos…

Me and E.

Crazy K.
K. was in such a great mood that morning. She was a complete ham for the camera. I only wish I had noticed the towel and the awful floorboards in the frame…

Miss E.

K. at the apple fest

Uncle Jofes and E.
Did I mention my brother is back visiting? He’s also got a job working at a factory where he trims turkeys and various other things. One fact he has learned is that McDonald’s soft serve ice cream is made using a variety of ingredients which include chicken skin and fat. Nice.

Fourth attempt
Just something so you can see I am taking photos of things other then my children…actually I took this ages ago, but I edited it recently so I guess that counts.


4 Responses

  1. Oh, I did NOT need to to know about the Maccas soft serve. I may never recover! 🙂

    Meanwhile, I fully empathise on the rental front. We are going to have to move sometime in the next few months and have already begun looking around. It’s not pretty out there.

    I hope the one you applied for is successful!

  2. Good luck Blurry! I really hope you get that property and totally understand the woes of moving.

    And what great pics! Nice to read your posts again, have missed hearing from you… xx

  3. Good luck with the house search. I missed you! I’m now on sick leave before maternity leave, feels weird at this moment, but I’m sure I will get used to it!

  4. beautiful pictures, like the one of you and uh, your brother is totally good looking! Good luck with the search, we are about to dive into that as well within the next year.

    Take care!

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