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Maybe it was the “fellas that were in the mood” line…

Monday night I was watching The Rich List.

::explanation tangent a la mrtl::
I’m not sure how many other countries have this show so I will quickly summarize what it’s about: Basically there are two teams of two people and they are given a list topic (an example being “Countries who qualified for the 2006 World Cup”) and they fill in the answers. There is more to it, but that isn’t important for this post.
::/explanation tangent a la mrtl::

On the show the two teams came to a sudden death match and had to go back and forth giving answers to the list “People mentioned in the Madonna song, Vogue“. The conversation of the first team to answer (plus my comments to the tv) went like this…roughly:

Guy: “Oh, that was late 80’s I think. I’m more a fan of hers now.”

Girl: “Hmm, yeah I’m not sure. Bill Clinton?”

Me: “Ha! What? No, she can’t be serious.” ::Snicker::

Guy: “No, no, no…”

Me: “No, no. Your partner is pretty silly now isn’t she?” ::shaking head with a knowing grin::

Guy: “That was about ’95 or’96 so maybe George Bush?”

Me: “!” and “?”

Girl: “Late 80’s? More like George Bush Sr.”

Me: “Oh. My. God!”

Guy: “Oh right. Of course! George Bush Sr. it is!”

And that was their answer! I don’t even understand why their minds went directly to US presidents. I laughed though! Boy, did I laugh.

And needless to say: They lost.


3 Responses

  1. I’m glad they lost! J.Dimaggio, M. Deitrich, M.Brando, G.Kelly….the list goes on losers!

  2. ?!

    Wow. Seriously wow.

  3. Even sadder to think that they instantly thought of US Presidents when the song is called “VOGUE”. I dare not ask about their outfits………

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