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A few questions and a little something extra just for you.

1. Tuesday I took E to the doctor about her eye. The doctor had a video camera on a tripod and a tv set up at the end of the exam table. Why?

Another eye problem
Yep, another problem with the eyes. This isn’t the same thing as last time so hopefully some antibiotics and cream will fix it up quickly.

2. Why is K’s first reaction to her reflection to lick it? She does this all the time and while it is very cute it is also quite perplexing.

K making Dad laugh

3. Why did I join facebook? I mean it’s fun, but did I really need to add 60+ people to a list I already can’t manage/be bothered (only because I’m lazy, not because they’re not worth the time) to keep in contact with? Ok, this one I can answer. I joined because I’m hopelessly addicted to the internet and it’s just another way to nose into the lives of people I know/knew. Like I said, fun! I highly recommend you join up.

And here’s a little bonus for you to enjoy:

Unfortunate placement of toys...

This was not set up, I swear. It was just a happy accident (especially for Santa it would seem) when E was picking up her toys.


3 Responses

  1. That last photo is hilarious!

    Poor E with her eyes–I hope the problem clears up quickly this time.

  2. camera/tripod/tv, eh? Curious…..

  3. Santa makes me feel naughty.

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