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This is the last time I’ll bring it up…here…

..but seriously! Why did The O.C. get cancelled? It was good. Genuinely good. Freakin’ 7th Heaven was on for like ten years or something and this gets cancelled after four seasons! I really think the show would have been great with all the different directions the characters ended up going.

Whatever. I hate t.v.  At least I hate it until Sunday when Ugly Betty, Grey’s and What About Brian are on. But all day tomorrow? Me and t.v. are so not friends.


4 Responses

  1. OKay…. so I am addicted as well to the o.c I made my sister and her boyfriend who are visiting from ontario go to dinner early last night because i couldn’t miss the last episode.. and yes I am sad… I loved the new ryan he laughed and taylor was a crazy talker and seth oh seth he was hilarious and nerdy and I love nerdy..okay see I go on about them too and I am already 28 oh and in highschool i never left the house on weds nights because of 90210 which i referred to as “beverly” and I didn’t take phone calls until commercial breaks it was a sad sad time when it was over well that and party of five…see how twisted we all are in our t.v land so you are not alone!

  2. Hi – you are sooooooo going to love Grey’s


  3. Heh. 7th Heaven got cancelled and then renewed and then cancelled and then renewed. It’s the show that never dies!

    Did you cry? I was gone as soon as Summer gave Julie the chain with what’s’erfaces picture in it. It killed me. Not a bad little end to the story at all.

  4. Tanya, I suspected there was more of us out there then me, Amy and Cafrine! And I was the same with Party of Five! How did I forget that one.

    Mamma, I think you might be right!

    Cafrine, did I cry? Oh yeah! A was making fun of me…jerk. 😉 The locket was what started me off too. It was a great ending to a great show, but I still would have loved a few more years.

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