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An admission

I love the show “The O.C.”.

::Waiting for laughter to die down::

Yes, I am going to be 28 in just over two months, but I can’t help who/what I love now can I? At one point in time I was going to take an evening class in something I can’t remember right now and because it was during the same time the O.C was on I didn’t sign up. Is that too much information about my obsession? Because it’s not the first time I’ve let tv dictate my social life. I once passed on going out with friends in high school to stay home and watch the season premier of 90210. That was only one night and not, you know, an entire semester, but still. Why am I telling you all this? I don’t know. I should get help.

I’m so disappointed the show has been cancelled. I’m actually a little bit in denial. The last episode is on Friday night (they’re airing it as soon as they can after they get it from the U.S. – it usually airs Tuesday nights) and I’m looking forward to watching it, but I haven’t let it sink in yet that that is the last one. I don’t get why it isn’t popular anymore. Why did Americans like Mischa Barton so much? I didn’t hate her character or anything and I may have cried when she died…

::Pausing for laughter again::

…but she wasn’t what made the show for me.

::Warning:: This may be a little too revealing as to how much I can get into t.v. (As if crying for Marissa wasn’t.) I will be referring to how much I love t.v. characters…yes characters, not the actors who play them. Please don’t be scared.

I love Ryan and I love him even more now that he is a little happy and not as dark and twisty1 inside as he used to be. Plus he is pretty cute which, even though his character is only 18 I’m pretty sure Benjamin McKenzie is in his 20’s so that is not icky for me to think…right? I also love Seth with his quirkiness and the new, environmentally friendly Summer. And I love Taylor now that she isn’t the peppy little freak they had her play in high school. The “grown-up” characters are great too. I love Sandy (the only role I’ve seen Peter Gallagher in where I wasn’t constantly distracted by his eyebrow2) and Kristen. And who woouldn’t love Julie with all her scandals. So pretty much I love everyone and even if the show can be a bit of fluff I think all the actors play very convincing roles and they are very good at what they do. I’m sure they’ll move on to other shows and movies and be great there as well, but what I really love is the ensemble cast. And who am I kidding? I do like to watch a bit of fluff sometimes. It’s nice to just watch something and let my brain rest, you know? Plus the entire show is written with sarcasm dropped in everywhere and I loves me some sarcastic humor.

Anyway, I’ll miss the show and I’m kind of mad at Americans for letting the ratings drop and getting it cancelled. Why can’t they count viewers all over the world?

1Grey’s Anatomy reference
2Not a mistake.


5 Responses

  1. Hey, you’ll hear no laughing from me, since I’m right there with you. I loved and adored this show for the first two seasons, sort of dipped in and out in the third and loved the fourth where Marissa was dead (I also cried when she died, but I was also cheering since I really hated her (Yes, I’m part evil)) and Taylor was awesome. I haven’t seen the last couple since it’s on so late now (WHY? Channel Ten?? Seriously!), but I’ll be watching on Friday, crying no doubt.

    P.S. Peter Gallager’s eyebrows are their own character! They need their own credit!

  2. ::snort:: “Seriously” – you crack me up!

  3. Cafrine: Don’t you mean Peter Gallager’s eyebrow?? Why the plural? There is only one of them after all right? hee hee….

    Blur: I like the OC, I just don’t follow it regularly. I will tell you though, I like it a whole lot more now that Marissa is dead. It just took a more interesting turn after that. I don’t know.

  4. Hugh and I loved the OC up until it got a little silly, but we still watched it. It will be missed… 🙂

  5. Amy: BWAhahah! Wish I thought of that joke!

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