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Possum Notes

I don’t write much about Miss K and I don’t want her to someday develop a complex thinking she’s not blogable so I thought I might write out some of the things that make her The Possum.

~ K is a very serious girl. She can stare anyone down and does so quite regularly. She does not laugh much, but when she does she has such a dorky laugh. It is very cute.

So serious

~ We can already tell K is going to be a handful. When she is “crawling” somewhere she shouldn’t and we say, “K, noooo.” She turns around to look at us, gives a cheeky grin and then scurries off to where ever she was headed.

~ The girl can scream. It is ear piercing and you couldn’t ignore it if you tried. She will scream when she is happy or angry/frustrated.

~ K loves corn. Corn on the Cob or just the kernels. She has pretty much demanded her own since she was only four or five months old.

~ She loves shoes. She is addicted to them. Problem being? She loves to chew them. If there are any shoes in her sight she is on them in a snap. It’s gross.

Shoe addiction

~ She also loves hair and she will try to eat that as well. Also gross, but not as bad as shoes.

~ Another great love of her life is her big sister. Holy adoration! And with a cheeky monkey like E being who she looks up to? Yeah, we’re in for it when they’re both walking and talking.

Cuddles on the tram

~ She is not crawling in the traditional sense yet, but it should be any day now. She does the “commando crawl” for now and that gets her around quite efficiently.

~ K has her two front, bottom teeth. She got them about three months ago and no more have shown up as yet.

~ She can clap and will do so when she is happy, excited or getting mad at me because I’m not feeding her fast enough.

That’s all for now!

Hey hey!


One Response

  1. Holy Friggers she’s cute!

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