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Enquiring minds want to know…I think

There are a few things I blogged about when I started this blog in August that I thought I would update you on. You’ve probably all forgotten those posts, but don’t fret! I will add links!

Remember when bananas cost $12.00/kg? Man, how crazy was that? Am I right? When I found out my brother was coming for a visit bananas were still very expensive and he usually eats three or more a day. A day! Anyway as it got closer to his visit they started dropping dramatically in price which I assume can only be attributed to my “triple twist, shake your booty, high leg kick and spin around banana dance” I did every morning or, I don’t know, the fact that all the crops destroyed the previous season had re-grown. My money is on the dance, but whatever. Anyway they came down to around $3.00/kg, but it didn’t even matter because even though I bought a ton of bananas for him on more then one occasion? He hardly ate any and I ended up throwing out a bunch of them. But! They have come down even more and this afternoon I bought five at $1.89/kg. Thank goodness for that because E has started eating one or two a day again.

Next on the update list is E’s eyes and the horrible cysts she developed under them. After our trip to the ophthalmologist we eventually got referred to an appointment at the hospital to see, you guessed it! Another ophthalmologist! Mind you the appointment wasn’t until December 21, but what can you do when you have a pretty crappy public health system? By that time the cysts had begun to get smaller, but only slightly so (even though the letter telling me about the appointment told me to “bring toys for my kids because there could be a long wait” which all know means you will have a long wait never mind the “could”) I still went to the appointment. Two hours after we arrived we were being seen by the ophthalmologist’s’s assistant and another 20 minutes or so we saw THE ophthalmologist. This is where it gets impressive and complicated so pay attention. He looked at E’s eyes for, oh, three seconds and said, “Yep. I’m happy with that. That’s all, you can go home.” Seriously people! Go to school and become an ophthalmologist. With five second appointments at ninety thousand dollars an appointment imagine the money you can make! And you don’t even have to do anything. Heck with school! Just go somewhere and pretend to be an ophthalmologist. Genius!*

Oh, wait! I forgot something about the appointment. I can’t remember if it was the assistant or THE ophthalmologist, but one of them said, “Well, they either get so big that they burst and that’s a problem or they go away.” Excuse me? Did you just use the word explode and my daughter’s eye in the same sentence? Nobody even mentioned that they could explode! Do you all remember how big those things got? I have to admit that that? Pissed me off. Royally.

In the end the cysts did go away, but in the spirit of “2007: Year of Crap” E seems to have developed a new sty on the top lid of her left eye. Hopefully it won’t develop into a cyst, but it looks pretty bad right now.

Last, but not least my knees. The doctor told me to “take it easy” and it should go away. Well, I’ve been taking it easy for nearly four months now and there’s not much improvement. They don’t ache all the time, but they’re still puffy in parts and feel weird. If I could keep up the exercise routine I was finally getting into they would, most definitely, be hurting. Maybe I’ll go back to the doctor. We’ll see.

*Alright, alright, alright. I’m kidding to any of you ophthalmologists out there. And lets be serious here, there must be hundreds reading my blog. I know they/you work hard and have a legitimate job in the health-care industry. You just did a really crappy job with me and my daughter. Don’t worry I realize this and have moved on. ::eye roll::


2 Responses

  1. Good update! Happy bananas, happy eyes (I hope), not happy knees though!!

  2. It’s funny how truly interesting the seemingly mundane details of other people’s lives are. I don’t at all mean your life is mundane – but who would think that reading about buying bananas could be fascinating? And yet it is.

    Glad E’s eyes are doing better, even if it’s no thanks to the doctors.

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