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It turns out this weeks excuse is “Our computer died as part of the ass kicking 2007 appears to insist on giving us”

Yeah. So I really hate to be negative about the future, but I’m pretty sure 2007 is going to be the worst year ever in the history of all years. Well, maybe not quite that bad, but I’d say it appears that it’s going to be among the worst I’ve ever lived anyway.

January is kicking our financial asses. I’m not going to expand on that, but yeah, we’re already severely bruised in our gluttous maximus regions and the month ain’t over yet. I can only hope February will give us a little time to heal before March comes at us with a vengeance.

I graduated high school in 1997, ten (!) years ago so my ten year reunion should be coming up later in the year. Am I excited about this? No, because I can’t go because I live on the other stupid side of the stupid world. Stupid. Oh, I’m not calling you stupid! No, no. Just the stupid situation. OK, so the “situation” is my life and maybe my life isn’t “stupid”, but I want to go and I can’t. I’ve been looking forward to this since, oh, 1998. Don’t take that as I’m someone who’s life peaked in high school (Seriously if that was my peak? Kill me now.) and I’m that pathetic that the only thing I have in life is my reunion or anything. It’s just that there are people I have literally not seen since we graduated and it would be nice to see how they are, what they’re doing, what they look like, all that stuff. And I can’t. I’ll just have to hear about it from people like Amy (You will be going right? Right?!) and see her photos (There had better be a lot of photos, Amy…) and while that’s nice and all it’s just not the same. Stupid reunion.

My grandfather is turning 90 (!) on March 7. He’s having a big party. Am I excited? No, because I can’t go. My cousins who live in a different province will be going and I haven’t seen them since our trip to Norway in 1998. 1998! That’s nine years ago! I happen to really like those guys and because I live on the other stupid side of the stupid world I will miss out on seeing them for the eight millionth time since I moved here. Oh yeah, and the whole celebrating my grandfather turning NINTY! Let’s not just let that slip our minds. Stupid party.

One of my best friends, Erin, is getting married on October 27. Am I excited about the wedding? No, BECAUSE I CAN’T GO. What, aren’t you even paying attention here? Do you know how many of my friends weddings I have attended since moving to the other stupid side of the stupid world? Why don’t you guess. I’m thinking my upbeat mood might have tipped you off that the answer is ZERO. A bunch have gotten married and it sucks I missed them, but this is one of my best friends weddings and that really sucks. I suppose this is the point where you tell me you’ve set a date in this awful year, Amy? (Amy got engaged on Christmas day, everybody!) Stupid wedding.

So at this point I don’t think 2007 and I are likely to be friends. Stupid 2007.


6 Responses

  1. Maybe Amy could coordinate her wedding so it’s in October too. Then you could fly back and kill two birds with one stone.

    Or would that just make you feel doubly bad?

    I’m sorry you’re having a rough time of it. It sucks to be homesick (and broke!). 🙂

  2. The “broke” part will keep me from flying home anytime soon unfortunately. Erin offered to pay a big chunk of my ticket home, but I wouldn’t be able to leave my kiddies for that long anyway. Now, if everybody could put everything on hold for a couple years that might work for me!

  3. I will hate it if you miss my wedding to! It’s looking like 2008 for us though! It would be beyond wonderful if the Hasler clan was in Canada for my wedding. So, it’s kind of a good thing that this house is going to strap us, eh?

  4. I don’t know about the reunion. It would be fun if you were there….do you really need pics??

  5. I’ll keep March 2008 as a hopeful date then! Though I’m finding it hard to be positive about 2007 I’m keeping an open mind about 2008. 😉

    Is it weird to take photos at a reunion? If it is then no I don’t expect you to take any (if you go).

  6. Sorry to hear of your frustration about living so far away. I’m sure 2007 will turn around (heck I thought late 2005 to mid 2006 sucked) but then the rest of 2006 to 2007 are looking way up for us, so I’m sure something will happen to cheer you up too.

    PS to Amy: Congratulations on your upcoming event!

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