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Tune in next week for my “we’re just settling back into our normal routine again” excuse

My brother, Joseph, is in Australia about to set off on a big backpacking adventure with a couple friends. He arrived on January first and has been visiting with us for the last few weeks. He will be meeting up with his friends on Saturday morning to start their six month trip around here, New Zealand, Singapore and he’s hoping Thailand. So our house guest is my current “why I haven’t been blogging much lately” excuse.

Since Joseph’s arrival I have seen some things, some new, some not. Here is a list:

1. A wombat. Actually eight wombats! I have lived in Australia for five years now and last week was the first time I’ve ever seen one (or eight!) in the wild. I was pretty excited.

A Wombat

2. Double yoked eggs. Yes, I have seen a double yoked egg before, but there were five doubles in one carton of twelve! Tell me that’s not crazy. Or don’t so I can keep thinking I’m special.

3. Kite surfers and sky divers (or skyvie divers as E calls them). Something else I have seen before, but still! They make for interesting photography.

Coming in for a landing

smooth landing

Kite surfing

4. The Twelve Apostles. I have wanted to visit Port Campbell National Park since we moved to Victoria three years ago and it was worth the wait. What a beautiful and amazing spot! The only not so beautiful thing was all the flies. They. were. everywhere. I am not exaggerating in the slightest when I say there were 20 or more on us at some points. And these are house flies/ blow flies I’m talking about here, people! God, they were gross, but still totally worth enduring for the beautifulness of it all.

Twelve Apostles

Twelve Apostles

Port Campbell National Park

Me taking pictures of the Twelve Apostles
See those shiny looking things on my left shoulder? Flies.

5. The possums at our local park. This is something else I’ve seen a few times before, but gah! The cuteness! These possums know how to bring the cute. The waddling over to you? The gently pushing on your leg for a piece of apple? Kills me. Plus this a great activity since it is free because the possums just live in the park and it is a great way to get out after hiding inside all day from the 40+°C (104 F) heat.

Super Possum

Shooting the breeze

6. What I look like covered in shaving cream, water, beer, and who knows what else. We had A’s brother and family over to watch Cricket one Tuesday night and there may have been excessive amounts of beer consumed. Maybe. The end result may have been that 25 and 27 year old siblings may have had a massive fight with dish soap, shaving cream and a variety of anything else on hand at a very late hour where they were lucky to not disturb two sleeping children. Also, the red shirt worn by one of the two may have been ruined.

This is what happens when your brother comes across the ocean for a visit and there are many beers consumed.

7. Some really sweet uncle and niece bonding. Man, is she going to be sad when he goes.

I’m sure she’ll be sad too, but the whole eight month old thing will probably help her get over it a bit quicker.

Hey hey!


6 Responses

  1. Wombats, twelve apostles, shaving cream fights, possums and sky diving… just another week I guess 🙂

    And oh my, already eight months old!! She is SO cute!!

  2. Hands down – best post ever!! Very humorous and entertaining!

  3. First of all, wow–eight months! I can’t believe she’s that old already.

    Secondly, that pic of E with your brother and what you said about it might’ve made me tear up a little. Maybe.

    Thirdly, looks like you’re all having a great time, despite the flies.

  4. I just love the picture of E. with her uncle. That should be framed! 🙂

  5. Brothers are the best. As fun as this post was, you guys are clearly having a blast!

  6. Ah! I remember this post! But I was entranced by wombats, which are soooo cute! I think most of my batch may be double-yolked, but we’ll see! these came from someone I work with, and the eggs are HUGE.

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