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Just wait until the next party you University student you…

Today the power went out across Victoria due to the ongoing bushfires tripping the major transmission line between Victoria and NSW. When it went out I wasn’t sure if it was just our house and decided to go to a neighbours house and see if they had also lost power. I went to the neighbours across the street because the neighbours on either side of us are a tad on the stuck-up side and give a strong “I’m better then you because I own my house and you, ack, rent.” vibe.

I ended up learning two things by going across the street: We were not the only ones without power and all my neighbours are assholes. This is how she answered the door,

” Look, I’m on the phone. So was there something, or….”


Who answers the door like that? Of course there is something or else I would just walk past your house and not come up your steps and KNOCK ON YOUR DOOR. Did she think I wanted to look at her? Was I just testing my knuckles? I’m slightly baffled and extremely annoyed.


4 Responses

  1. I don’t get it. Mean people suck.

  2. She didn’t even say hello before launching into you?! Ugh. I’m with Kalki: Mean people Suck.

  3. Nope, no hi or hello just straight into the rudeness.

  4. My god! Where do you live?? I would have “tested” my knuckles further…on her face!!

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