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How my Christmas has already been ruined*

So A is really good at guessing gifts right. (Oh, by the way I’m now going to use first initials as names because I really hate calling myself blurry and my husband mr. blurry. I may call Monkey Monkey and Possum Possum, but I might also call them E and K, respectively. And since I’m pretty sure my lack of posting has resulted in exactly zero new readers and I imagine I’ve lost more then a few regulars you all know their names and the initials will just make sense. OK then…) The first year we were together I got him a Playstation 2 for Christmas and he guessed it. There was no reason he should have guessed it, but he did. Then one year I was planning on taking him on a hot air balloon ride around the area we live for his birthday and he guessed that too. Again with no reason as we had not been talking about doing this and he hadn’t even mentioned it as something he wanted (but I knew he would like it because of his skydiving background). I didn’t end up doing that one for some reason I can’t recall right now, but still! I have no idea how he came up with that.

The last few years we’ve just been using Christmas as an excuse to get something we wanted and usually got it before Christmas day. This year was no different and I got my new 30D a couple months ago and he got a bbq a little more then a month ago. I really don’t like doing Christmas that way because I like there to be some element of surprise involved with the gift part (which I don’t like to be the center of the holiday to begin with) of the day even if it’s just a couple of dollar items in the stocking (which has always been my favorite part of Christmas morning). So I decided to get him a surprise gift or two and as it turned out he had the same idea and has a few surprises waiting for me under the tree as I write.

I was really proud of myself for choosing the gift I did because I knew he would like it and it was just a great gift (for him). When he started trying to guess what it was I just chuckled and told him that he would never guess it as it was something he hasn’t even thought of in at least a year and rolled my eyes at him in a “don’t even bother” kind of way. You will be surprised this year, I thought to myself, Oh yes you will. I thought “a year” covered a big enough range to keep the Christmas spirit alive. But no, no it was not.

Tonight at dinner when he guessed Stephanie Alexander, The Cook’s Companion out of the blue my jaw dropped to the floor and my heart followed suit and shattered into a million Christmas tree shaped pieces. I could not believe my ears. How? Why? Did E say something? Is A a mind reader? Did I remember to turn the iron off? What the?

He says he just worked it out. I say he is the anti-Santa.

* Ok, so maybe it’s not ruined, but it sure makes for a catchy title!


7 Responses

  1. They can be real stinkers can’t they? I don’t know why they have to be such know-it-alls. Your father was the same when we were younger.

  2. I hate, hate, HATE it when people guess everything before opening it. It takes all the fun out of it.

    JP always wants us to open gifts early. Even if it’s my birthday gift (where he’s not even receiving), he bugs me to open it early. It drives him crazy that I won’t do it, but come on–the anticipation is half the fun!

  3. Hugh always guesses what I got him, but I think I fooled him this year… I’ll let you know. Our big gifts to each other were a freezer and stove… how romantic! Ha!

  4. Is he peeking in the package when your not looking?? I caught my hubby doing that one year, hehe

  5. “…shattered into a million Christmas tree shaped pieces.” That was a fabulous phrase.

    Reading this almost makes me feel guilty for being a gift-guesser. Almost. 😉

  6. Chris has already been knee-deep in presents, and guessed three! of them. He is now banned from being fifty feet from the tree at all times.

  7. Mamma, I was not aware Pappa was a gift guesser. You learn sumthin’ new every day.

    Sharkey, A keeps trying to make me guess what my gifts from him are and it drives him nuts that I won’t.

    Sheila, romantic schomantic, a new freezer and stove kicks ass.

    nodramas, nope. It wasn’t even in the house when he guessed it.

    kalki, I think you were the inspiration behind that phrase because I thought about you when I wrote it and was expecting you might comment on it!

    kerrianne, what a cheeky little devil! I had this plan of how to put A off the track when I wrapped his, but it didn’t matter since he guessed it before I even got it out of the freaking car!

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