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Highs and lows

Highlight of the weekend:

Monkey had a dance concert and she did great. I really wasn’t sure if she would freak out when she saw the audience of somewhere between 150 – 200 or not, but it didn’t seem to phase her in the slightest. My favorite part of the afternoon was when they were a minute or so into their routine and she spotted me taking pictures in the aisle and yelled out, “MUM!” Turns to the other girls, “THAT’S MUM! MUM! I FOUND YOU!” And she then gave me a little wave. We’re getting the video in a few weeks (I think) and I’ll try and figure out how to get a little clip up here because it was pretty cute.

Monkey's dance concert
Monkey is on the far right and looking right at me.

Low point of the weekend:

4:30am on Saturday morning our power goes out which we knew because Mr. Blurry was up having a drink and the baby monitor went nuttso when the part in Possum’s room went off. I called the power company right away because it was supposed to be in the high 30’s Saturday and I didn’t want to end up on a long list of houses who needed help. But it turned out that we didn’t need to call them, but we needed to call the police. Someone had stolen all our fuses. WTF? right. I was freaked out at first because we thought someone was making sure our power stayed off so they could break in or something, but when the electrician got here at 9:00ish he said he’s seen it happen about four times in the last few months and it’s usually just kids messing around. All I know is I hope the little shits tripped on a curb somewhere and broke their leg or something.

I was pretty happy to have it fixed so soon, though. I was really worried we’d have to pack up and head somewhere’s with cooling for the weekend given our landlord’s tendency to not fix things. We had a handyman around yesterday to fix some doorhandles that fell off (!) a year (!) ago. And I think that only got done because when I reported it for the eight millionth time last week I added a little bit of a threat of reporting them to the housing board or whatever they’re called.

Notice how I just wrote all that as if it hasn’t been a month since my last post? Yeah. Thought you might like that.


6 Responses

  1. Stealing FUSES! Oh, these kids need to get a life.

    In other news, Go Monkey! You little superstar!

  2. Glad the concert was a sucess!

    Not Glad that punks think that sort of thing is funny! I’d have freaked out completely. I tend to get a little vigilanty-like in these cases. Glad it was nothing bad enough that you would have to find living quarters for a few days.

    Hmmm….could it have been the landlord??? Think about it. You ask, once again, to have the doors fixed….someone takes all of your fuses out…..

    Do all of the houses there have their fuse boxes on the outside?

  3. Amy, the thought of the owners did cross our minds, but when the electrician said he’d seen the same thing a few times we figured it was just a prank. Also, the neighbours said their power was switched off and then back on again.

    I’m not sure if they’re all on the outside. It was at our last house, though.

  4. What a cute concert! I’ve never heard of stealing fuses… I don’t think our generation was that ingenious! HA

  5. Holy crap.. what a bunch off asses. it’s a bit funny that thats what kids find a little exciting these days huh.. Where would they even get that idea??
    Monkey was adorable
    ADORABLE. Deffinatley not shy huh! what a little superstar.
    Glad to hear you are alive and well.
    I do however wish the little dumb asses that did that get diarrehia.. yep the shits I wish them the shits..
    I kow imature huh.. but they do desreve it!
    Love ya!
    Mama J

  6. That “MUM! I FOUND YOU!” thing is too cute.

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