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We’ve all been there…er…Well, I’m sure at least someone else has.

Monkey woke up through the night in a huge panic. I raced to her room to quiet her down quickly in hopes that she wouldn’t wake her sister. Was she ok? Did she have a bad dream? Did she need something? Yeah, she needed something alright. I mean, who hasn’t woken up screaming and crying with a desperate need for a vitamin?


8 Responses

  1. That is too funny. Poor thing!

  2. Maybe she had a nightmare about the Flintstones? 🙂

  3. Monkey is going to be a nutritionist when she grows up.

  4. Eh… Yes. I’m fairly sure I’ve done that…

    Poor Monkey.

  5. A vitamin eh? Hmmm…..

  6. they are very yumy indeed…… she’s just concern for her health making sure she is full of nutriants.
    little dear!!!

  7. Were they Flinstone’s vitamins? Because I! too would scream for Flinstone’s vitamins. : )

  8. Blurry!!!!!!!!

    Where are you??????????????

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