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$25.80 incase you were wondering.

So, does anyone else think it’s complete horseshit to have to pay for your birth certificate? I don’t mean replacing one you’ve lost, but your first one? I mean, it’s your birth certificate and eventually everyone will need to use theirs for one reason or another. Maybe I’m just cheap, but I don’t think it’s right.


8 Responses

  1. I can see having to pay some sort of administrative fee, but 25 bucks?! Sheesh!

    I hope you have a fun reason for needing it.

  2. Oh, it’s not my birth certificate that sparked this rant, it’s Possum’s. We don’t need it right now, but we will someday when she gets a passport.

  3. Yeah, that’s a rip! I can see paying for one if, like you said, it had been lost. Poor Possum. But she definately needs a passport!

  4. Whew! I think it varies by state here, but the last time I got mine, it was either free or $7.

  5. Yeah I travelled with Nolan when he was wee and I was told I would need it at the airport, in Alberta it cost 47.00$ and they never even asked to see it!! They asked if I had one on me I said yes and they were all like “oh okay cool” uuummm hellloooo I could be lying….I wasn’t but jeez

  6. Is that Australian or US dollars? Or are they the same? (God I am so ignorant.) Either way, it’s ridiculous! A birth certificate is, like, one’s birth-given right. I mean, can a birth even be official without a certificate?! This sh*t ain’t right!

  7. That is Australian dollars and they are not even close to American dollars. The exchange is somewhere around the 75c mark.

  8. Money making scheme is all it is… my goodness you get tax dollars eventually from the babes, why not give em one freebie? 🙂

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